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Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:05 pm

After the short lived expectations of the Good Vibes Kid coming out on top, Jaquan Shay was victorious in what appeared to be MOTN. He celebrates in the ring, before Stewart slowly get’s to his feet, meeting face-to-face with the pronounced Kip-Up King. They give a stare, before Elijah opens out his gratitude in an invitation to a handshake. Shay seemed contempt in keeping his street-cred, but he accepts Stewart’s gratitude and accepts the handshake, giving mutual respect towards the two. Elijah gives the ring to Shay, who continues to celebrate in the ring until he asks the announcer for a microphone.

You ever heard of “Success”? It’s a word that few superstars actually know the meaning of, like Paul Divine, Randy Borton, and Tim Lafave. They hacked into the system and gained success on the back of other people. For Divine, it’d be that foul play of a stable named X-Gen. For Borton, it’d be the KLIQ, which in my opinion, are nothing more than abunch of back-stabbing snakes wanting some attention. And then there’s Tim Lafave…Don’t get me wrong, Tim Lafave has gone through alot and for that CMV is grateful. But now that he’s with his buddies in this “Resistance” of theirs against Kliq, it’s like open invitations to this boy’s-scout club. I mean for god sake, I got tweet after tweet after tweet about me joining the Resistance as soon as I shook this man’s hand...you think that me, the Main Event Player, would go down to the levels of common filth like Josh Wolf, Pierre Thompson and El Guerrero Furioso? You guys must be delusional to think that I would team up with a pack of morons not knowing where and when to fight.

The crowd boo on the superstar, who continues to bash on the CMV Superstars, running amuck amongst the roster.

Unlike these other superstars, I actually have a game plan. It’s called “Success”. I ran and scratched the back of men like Jay Davis and William Rage to get where I am. And look at me; I got the money, the moves, and the power. I beat a former World Champion in this ring tonight. And hell, I’m gonna beat a guy from another company that thinks he’s the shit because he wears some Bleach makeup and some Samurai fluff mask…..Matsuda, you obviously aren’t fond of the english language, so let me repeat myself in a way that you’ll understand: Watashi wa chanpion o uchi makashi,-ji ga kitara, watashi wa Exodus de anata o uchinomesu tsumoridesu. Soshite, anata ga hai kai shita Indi ibento ni anata o modoshite ookuri shimasu.

And as the surprise language diversity comes to play for Shay, the crowd continue to boo on the Main Event Player, who begins walking off out of the ring. He then get’s to the stage, where he flexes his arms in a waist down direction, swaying his arms side to side, hands open, signaling that he wants gold on the line. But will Matsuda answer, or will the silent warrior let his actions speak for him against Jaquan Shay at Exodus?

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

Jay Davis: 2x Light Heavyweight Champion
Jaquan Shay:2x Anarchy Champion
Guri Sukonov: 1x International Champion, 1x Alpha World Champion
Rey Furioso: 1x Rising Star Champion
Charlie Garfield:
Davina Blair:1x Women's Intercontinental Champion

Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

702 is better than any single one of us
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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