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Getting in your head

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Getting in your head

Post by Miztacular on Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:50 am

Cooper stands tall after her hellacious bout with her arch nemesis Kristen Page, a bout in which neither Vixen will walk out the same, Cooper, despite winning the match, struggles to her feet, clutching the turnbuckles for support as she staggers back up to her base. Turning around to see her storied rival, Kristen Page down on the mat struggling to find her base. Cooper staggers over to her and boots her in the side of the head stumbling back down to the mat as she does so. Both Vixens lay flat on their backs, completely devoid of energy, however Cooper, the less beaten of the two, rolls to the outside falling to the floor below. Cooper clambers over to the announce table, resting her weight on it, scooting over towards the barricade to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area. With a microphone in hand she turns back towards the ring and begins to speak in between heavy breaths.

Megan Cooper:

Cooper stumbles back towards the ring, nearly collapsing due to exhaustion, she's able to clutch hold of the apron preventing her from falling to the floor. She grasps the bottom rope, pulling herself up onto the apron where she rolls back under into the ring, Kristen attempts to try and stand back up however she too is feeling the effects of the match and simply collapses. Kristen rolls over onto her back and drags herself with all her might into the corner, sitting up against the turnbuckle pads while Cooper once again gets back to her feet, turning towards Kristen where she continues on.

Megan Cooper:
Kristen! I told you. I will... Always best you! You can come at me with knee strike after knee strike. But it won't keep me down. I am made of Iron, I am the Iron Maiden of Connecticut and it'll take more than a knee to the head to cave me in!

Megan Cooper turns around, noticing the sledgehammer still in the ring from their match, she staggers over to it, dropping to a knee to pick it up. Now with a sledgehammer in her grasp she turns back to Kristen, closing the distance dragging the sledgehammer along the mat as she walks towards the current Money in the Bank holder.

Megan Cooper:
I have every right! To smack you up, to cave your skull in with this sledgehammer! After what you did to me backstage a few weeks ago, it's the least you deserve. But I'm standing here right now realising that you wouldn't care about that. Hell you'd probably enjoy it in some sick disturbing way. So I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of seeing me stoop down to your level, to resort to brutalising somebody with a weapon, using a weapon? That's a cowards way out.

Cooper tosses the sledgehammer aside and crouches down beside Kristen, looking deep into her deranged eyes with a look of disgust on her face. Kristen musters all of her strength to let out a cackling laugh which Cooper immediately puts to rest with a right hook to the jaw before continuing on.

Megan Cooper:
I know how to hurt you a lot more than what a blow to the head from a sledgehammer will do. You see Kristen. You like to play your mind games, so how about this, you have that Money in the Bank briefcase. You have an opportunity to become the CMV Women's Undisputed Champion whenever you please. But just know this, whenever you do decide to cash in, I'll be one of the first in line, and judging by how our past three bouts have gone you won't be holding that belt for long. You're a good competitor Kristen, but you're in an era where you'll always be second best to somebody, it was Jade Dynamite, and now it's me. It's time to realise your mind games will only get you so far. So remember this. When you become Champion, as long as I'm still kicking, you won't hold it for long. To make matters worse Kristen, because I know this'll really mess you up in that crazed head of yours.

Megan Cooper gets in real close to Kristens face and utters the words..

Megan Cooper:
I will never... Give you a shot a redeeming your losses to me.

Cooper rallies back to her feet and smiles towards the still downed Kristen before turning to the hard camera and raising her arms in the air to a big pop from the Los Angeles crowd. She turns back to Kristen and shakes her head before making her way across the ring, she steps through the ropes and drops to the floor below, slowly walking up the ramp only to come to a halt at the top, turning around to see Kristen gingerly get back to her feet, she raises the microphone to her mouth one more time.

Megan Cooper:
Enjoy that Money in the Bank briefcase, enjoy cashing it in and becoming Champion, and while that goes on, I'll enjoy the knowledge that I know I can beat you any time, anywhere, don't forget that Kristen, because I sure won't.

As Coopers theme hits the PA System, Kristen Page lets out a screech of infuriated rage in the ring, but Cooper simply ignores it, turning around as she drops the microphone to the floor and begins making her way towards the back, out of sight. Kristen Page however refuses to let this slide, looking to run forward only for her motion to come to a halt due to the exhaustion she's still feeling from the match prior. She falls forward clutching the ropes, letting out another scream, and she rests upon the ropes. Kristen drops to her back and rolls out of the ring as the medical crew makes their way down the ramp in an attempt to help the former Women's Champion, but she pushes them away, opting to leave the ring herself.

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