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We're All About Diversity

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We're All About Diversity

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:26 pm

It's during UnBreakable, CMV's first ever all female pay-per-view, and the fans have just got done witnessing without a doubt the match of the night, and possibly the best of the entire year, with Amber Briggs becoming the brand new CMV Women's Hardcore champion, defeating Ally Cage. The crowd is showering the two with immense respect, as it has been two years since Briggs tasted championship gold, of course being the inaugural CMV Vixen's champion, Amber holds the belt in her right hand while aiding the exhausted Cage to her feet with her left, the two then standing side by side. "That was awesome!" is cheered over and over again by the lively audience, the referee exiting the ring to allow the two women to bask in this shared glory, you can even see a tear, of joy or pain is unknown, rolling down Ally's cheek. It hits the canvas and just then the entire arena explodes into a frenzy as a certain theme song hits the PA System, bringing the two Vixens' attention to the stage ...

At the top of the ramp stands all four members of the infamous alliance over on Friday night Genesis; Bob Luger, Xander Slate, Randy Borton and Rhys Matthews of The Kliq!!! Luger stands at the front with Slate and Borton on either side of him, Matthews towards the back yelling at some kid in the front row who said his reign as Undisputed champion sucked. Boos, cheers, it's a mix of every emotion with Cage and Briggs not knowing what the hell to make of this; why are The Kliq here, and especially why right now? With a nod from The Work Ethic Titan the brotherhood begins to swagger as a unit down the ramp and towards the ring, prompting the former Hardcore champ and the new holder of the belt to take a fighting stance, but no member of The Kliq would dare to attack a women, would they ...? They now surround the ring, all four sides covered, there is no escape of Ally and Amber, but they aren't looking to run anyhow, going back to back with their fists raised up high, ready for a fight! That's when the crowd realizes just exactly why these four men are here tonight, Briggs spins Cage around in the blink of an eye and DRIVES her head into the mat following a stiff kick to the gut; THE BOSS DDT!!! The veteran Vixen puts her boot on top of Ally's chest, who is now unconscious once more, while Kliq all enter the ring, surrounding Amber and all showcasing those devilish smirks. Bob takes a microphone from Slate and puts a hand on Amber's shoulder, laughing as he raises it up to his lips.

Ladies and gentleman, the newest member of The Kliq ... AMBER BRIGGS!!!

The champion hoists her newly won title up into the air while all of the boys clap her on, the fans in shock, as the scene fades to a backstage segment ...

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


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