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Post by Miztacular on Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:30 am


Shortly after the UnBreakable Pay Per View, Laura Sampson is seen in her office, hard at work, filling in paperwork, planning events. The usual General Manager duties until she's interrupted by the door to her office busting open. In steps one half of the current CMV Women's Tag Team Champions, Debra Cox, who successfully retained via count out in a handicap match earlier on in the night. She marches towards the desk of Laura Sampson and drops her Championship onto the desk to a loud thud, leaning on the desk looking down upon the General Manager.

Debra Cox:
What... Was that.

Laura Sampson raises an eyebrow, though not given the time to continue as Debra presses on.

Debra Cox:
Don't play dumb with me Sampson. Tonight was the first ever all Vixen's Pay Per View, and it was a disaster! Do you not have control of the roster? Is there no security in this arena?! How the hell did you let some invader into this arena to take out my sister! She has a severe concussion from hitting her head on the hard concrete surface, and you're just sitting here, like it's any other day?! That's my sister!

Laura Sampson:
Now Deb--

Debra Cox:
SHUT UP! Because that's not even all of it Laura. Not only was my sister brutally attacked backstage, but then you still sanctioned the match to go forward, not only that, but it remained a Championship Match! What the hell was that! I had to win by count out! That's not my style! You need to get this under wraps Laura. I need answers! This is my sister we're talking about here! So. What do you have to say for yourself! LAURA! You had better explain yourself!

Laura's eyes drop down onto the desk, saddened by her failure. But Debra isn't having it. Grabbing Laura by the scuff of her neck over the table. She lifts her up in the air, screaming at the Ferocity General Manager.

Debra Cox:

A lone tear drops from the eye of Sampson, running down her check. Dripping down onto the desk below. Confused, Debra Cox lowers her down to her feet.

Debra Cox:
What... What is wrong with you?!

Laura looks up, eyes full of tears, an explosion of emotion, speaking through the sniffling.

Laura Sampson:
I'm pregnant, I'm under enough stress as it is, running a show isn't easy, not to mention all of these Vixens verbally assaulting me, showing me zero respect. They don't know what I'm going through. I don't need more added to the list. I have a show to run, and I'm in this alone... After..

Laura looks away and Debra, still confused, reaches out an arm which Laura whacks away.

Debra Cox:
I'm So--

Laura snaps her head back around.. A look of anger coming out from underneath the tears.

Laura Sampson:
You're sorry?! Sorry isn't going to cut it Debra. You're no better than Quinn! Or Fury! Or any other of these entitled veterans that feel as if they're owed everything. You came in here, you charged in here and not only laid your hands on your General Manager! But a pregnant woman!

Debra Cox:
I didn't kno---

Laura Sampson:
NO, now you shut up! You know what Debra, I don't care that you had to defend in a handicap, I don't care that your sister is in hospital. The show must go on. To be quite honest, you deserve some sort of a punishment for these shenanigans. In two weeks time, you will defend and the CMV Women's Tag Team Championships will be on the line..

Debra Cox:
But I don't have a partner, my sister won't be cleared by then.

Laura Sampson:
I don't care. If you don't have a partner by next week. You will be stripped of your Tag Team Championships. Is that clear?!

Debra Cox:

Laura Sampson:

Debra Cox, filled with despair, slowly nods her head, Sampson, her face still tearful, the emotion across her face transitions from anger to a look of satisfaction as she smiles menacingly.

Laura Sampson:
Now get out of my office... SECURITY!

Debra Cox snatches her Tag Team Championship from the table as security enter the room to escort her from the General Manager's office. Leaving Laura alone, where she gets back to work, wiping her eyes as the camera fades to black, ending this exclusive.

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