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What is a peasant to a KING!?

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What is a peasant to a KING!?

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:55 pm

Divine stands atop the turnbuckles, pandering to the CMV universe before dropping down to the canvas, turning around right into a RIGHT HAND! He's rocked, dropping down into the corner, his lip bleeding while Travis King stands above him with a look of total frustration. After nearly going all of last season unbeaten, he has now been pinned FOUR times in just one month, and twice of those are owed to The Asian Sensation. Fed up, King rips Paul up to his feet and cracks him again on the jaw, sending the former World champion spilling through the ropes and falling like a sack of stones to the outside area.

Travis follows like a shark smelling blood in the water, ferocious, he pounces on a man who once payed him respect, but now is being subjected to one hell of a beat down, wailing on Divine with lefts and rights, the color of red just leaking from the nose, a cut on the cheek and a gash above the eyes. King looks like a silver-back gorilla as he stands to his feet and beats his chest, tearing the cover off of the announce table and throwing away the monitors in a frenzy of pure rage. The Perfect Specimen brings the motionless Japanese Sensation up to a vertical base, carrying him on his shoulders and then placing him atop the poor Dashing's desk, crimson seeping into his notes and getting all over his Mountain Dew.

But Dashing is long gone, fleeing from the scene of what looks like a Quinton Tarantino movie, King jumping up onto the table alongside Paul where he plops him up onto his shoulders once more, unleashing a mighty roar that causes a kid front row to hug his mother tightly, then DRILLING Japan's Biggest Export through the wood and plastic with a brutal and possibly career-ending Air Raid Siren!!! The crunch of Divine's neck off of the concrete forces some in the crowd and at home to cringe, with blood all over seemingly everything, Travis stands tall once more, adding insult to injury by spitting down at the unconscious and from the looks of it, severely hurt Paul. The doctors and a handful of referees rush down the ramp and push King aside, but it's too late now, he's done what he wanted to, his mission is complete, his statement made. He wipes some of Divine's blood from his chin and chest as the feed quickly cuts out, the show taking a break to maintain the situation ...

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