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A Nice Little Chat

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A Nice Little Chat

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:02 pm

*After Fusion Dyalop is backstage and he is preparing to leave the arena when he notices the camera* Jack: Hello there I am getting ready for a flight but I guess I have a few minutes to spare *he sits on a steel chair* It's funny how people like Cross and Diamond walk in and get everything they want but people like me EARN everything *Jack gets hostile* All Cross had to do was attack a loser and he gets it. I LOVE HOW THAT WORKS but come next week I will make my mark and take out Diamond and Columbus then when we head to Validation we will see a new champ. The Anti Hero, Jack Dyalop! *Jack looks down at the floor as he sweats*. *Open to Ogon*


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Re: A Nice Little Chat

Post by Master Ogon on Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:30 pm

Suddenly, like a bull, we see an unknown man charge and deliver a swift big boot to the sitting Jack, which knocks him and the chair over on it's back. The attacker is standing 6'3" tall and has a rather large build, we can't see his face because of the angle he rushed in, but we can tell he has a black ponytail with the sides of his head shaved. This unknown beast of a man is surprisingly wearing a formal attire, and with how he delivered the big boot it's easy to tell that he's very angry about something. He isn't quite done yet as he quickly kicks the chair away and mounts Jack, sending rapid left hooks to his face without mercy. However, now being aware of the situation the tired Jack begins to fight back and deliver some quick offense to his attacker, but these attacks don't even seem to hurt this formally dressed man. With the finale of this fight arriving early, we see the hands of the attacker wrap around the head of Jack, just to brutally headbutt him, making a cruel sound that would disturb even those that have been watching this product for a very long time.

              But then we see this figure stand up and slowly turn around...
               No way...
                  It's the newly signed star from RJPW...
          Masato Yume!

But he didn't turn around for no reason, we see a small Asian man wearing glasses quickly rush to the side of Yume to yell at him in Japanese, which is the only language Yume actually understands. However, Yume seems to fully ignore him as he seems focused on the other man approaching him, the GM of CMV's green brand, Sampson. The two lock begin to stare intensely at each other with the translator still continuing to yell aggressively at Yume, but yet again he isn't paying attention. After a couple seconds of just staring, Masato makes it clear how much he wants to be in CMV by roughly shoving Sampson away from him, with the GM falling onto his back and staring up at this savage animal with a look of surprise on his face. Yume just shakes his head and turns around to walk off, leaving Dyalop on the ground bleeding, and leaving Sampson stunned. The camera fades to black as the entire CMV universe just witnessed the once proud RJPW star turning into a man with no respect for any person in CMV.
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