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Post by Decided Villain on Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:08 am

CMV Presents: Ferocity Ep. 33 (#296)

Right after their opponents tap out, Lucid runs into the ring jumping around with joy as Wilson still laying looks up to the roof with a smile on her face as they have finally won their first tag team match. Lucid is doing laps around the ring in celebration, yelling and laughing out loud every time she passes the opponents corner of the ring. Lucid signals to the time keeper to grab her a microphone as Wilson is getting to her feet.

Jane Lucid : WE.... DID IT!!! Well you did, but we did it.... WE DID IT!!!!! YESSSS!!!! I knew we could. I knew if we just focused and trained long enough we could DO IT!!!!

The crowd cheers as Lucid embraces it all in with glassy eyes. As Wilson walks over to her, Lucid drops the microphone and jumps into Wilson giving her a massive hug.

The crowd cheers louder as Wilson is just stuck there with her tag partner attached to her. Finally Lucid lets go and Wilson rushes out of the ring. Only for Lucid to leave even quicker and hug her again. This leaves Wilson to pick Lucid up and carry her over her shoulder. The camera fades as Wilson carries her partner up the ramp as Lucid Celebrates by shouting "WE DID IT!!!"


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Re: WE DID IT!!!

Post by Miztacular on Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:18 am

Laughed at the end, I imagined lucid hanging off of Wilsons shoulder kicking and screaming in joy. You continue to make lucid a fun character!

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