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Post by Solaris Arc on Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:20 pm

Monday Night Fusion returns from a commercial break to the shot of a hyperactive crowd, screaming out for the next match of tonight's episode. However, that cheer are cut off suddenly by the static of the titantron.

The crowd counted down with the song, but using English rather than German as if to insult the man who was coming out. The moment the singer exclaimed "Oust", a flash of pyro erupted and blinded everyone in the arena. Harvey Hastings slowly walked out, the US Championship on his waist. The title was bastardized with the German flags once more.

Hasting spectaded the crowd before slowly marching down the ring, a little smirk on his face as he rolled into the ring. He tore the belt off, raising it high into the air so that the crowd could shower it in boos. Hastings just grinned, letting the hatred and vitriol power him as he set the title on his shoulder. However, Hastings wasn't alone. He turned his head to Lisa Evans, who was sitting in the corner. She slowly approached the Assassin, microphone in hand.

Lisa Evans: Uh.... Good evening, Mr. Hastings.... Uh... Congratulations on your reclaiming of the United- Uh... Germa-

Hastings: This is not a German Championship.... I simply claim it for Germany.... Call it what it truly is and hurry up with you questioning.

Lisa Evans: ...United States Championship.... How do you feel after your bout with Troy Meyers?

Hastings: I feel fucking excellent, Lisa... I feel in power again. After so SO long... But, I feel something else.... Something.... Like pride in someone.... You know what, yes I'll say it... Troy Meyers... I am Proud to have fought you for this title....

Oh, I'm not proud because you fought well. No. I'm proud of you for letting me take my title back so damn easily!

An outpoor of boos and hateful chants filled the ring. Hastings responded by holding up his championship belt with a grin.

Hastings: You can cry out all you want, but you should all face the facts of this situation. None of you will ever get an opportunity at holding this belt in your lifes. You'll never get to enjoy it's smooth leather draped on your shoulder... Nor will you feel the cold, silver engravings along your finger tips. Only I will ever get such a feeling... No American, No Canadian. No Mexican, British, French, Austiran, Italian, Israeli, Arabian, and no Russian will EVER be able to feel this title the way I do...

You Americans and you foreigners abused this title.... Made it worthless.... Made it worthy of nothing more than a garbage pile in your landfills. Well, that won't happen anymore....

Harvey turned back to Lisa, pulling the microphone away from her with a grin.

Hastings: No more talk from you! I don't need questions... Oh, let me say it in a way that you Americans understand more easily.


Lisa gave an offended look as she was pushed towards the ropes. She shook her head and rolled out of the ring, grimacing as Harvey turned to the hard camera. The crowd poured in boos that were loud enough to be heard from bars over a mile away. The anger radiated, taking off 5 years of the crowd members' collective lifespans. Hastings just gave a cocky little smirk, looking around at the crowd. He refused to speak, instead letting the rage continue. The boos and patriotic chants deafened everyone, inclucing those who were in the sound van outside. Hastings chuckled, finally breaking his silence.

Hastings: I will make this title great again....

Hastings tossed away the mic, grabbing his title and rolling out of the ring and back up the ramp.


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Harvey Hastings:
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