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He's growing impatient.......you don't want to keep the dog from eating now do you?

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He's growing impatient.......you don't want to keep the dog from eating now do you?

Post by PREDICTION KING on Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:39 pm

Johnny stacks his papers neatly and places them aside before folding his arms on the desk.

Johnny Sampson

Send him in!

With that, personal security opens up the door and allows his guest, Wade Flanagan to enter the office. Wade wastes no time in sitting down directly across from the temporary gm and taking out a box of tic tacs. The white ones. He throws a couple in his mouth before rolling them around his tongue to get a fresh minty taste invading his mouth from all sides.

Johnny Sampson
Mr. Flanagan....I've been expecting you.

Wade stares at him through the black tint in his shades, still rolling the mints around in his mouth before finally speaking.

Wade Flanagan
Indeed you have. We're here to negotiate.

Johnny Sampson
Yes sir.

Wade pulls out his phone and slides his finger across the screen a few times before handing the phone over to Johnny.

Johnny Sampson
Why am I looking a fridge that looks like it blew up?

Wade Flanagan
That's my fridge, sir. My client picked it up, carried it through the house, and threw it down the steps. No correction, tossed it over the steps. That's stainless steel. Now it's garbage. Why did he do such a thing? Well, because he fights for a living. Ever since he was a kid, he would let his emotions act as a weapon. He made a career out of it. And now, he's more frustrated than he's ever been and you're keeping him away from the one place where he can ease that frustration. Why?

Johnny Sampson
Simple, I don't want any of my guys ending up like that fridge Wade.

Wade Flanagan
They are professional wrestlers. They know the risks when stepping into that ring.

Johnny Sampson
What about if they are just roaming that halls huh? Or participating in an interview? I seen his rampage when he lost King of the Ring. I will not take any chances.

Wade Flanagan
So you're just going to ban him out of speculation?

Johnny Sampson
You can't make it far in this business if you don't speculate Wade. There's a chance he'll blow up again and I am preventing it from happening.

Wade Flanagan
Right, by banning him from the building instead of giving him a verbal warning or even buffing up the security.

Johnny Sampson
That seems unnecessary when I can just ban him.

Wade slams his fists on the table.

Wade Flanagan
This is CMV! It's not uncommon for a backstage brawl to arise or people to get hurt in that ring. And it certainly isn't uncommon for somebody to get frustrated over losing. Besides, that fridge, that wasn't because he lost. That's because he lost and he has yet been able to redeem himself. He wants to get in that ring and do what he does best. I had to stop him from fighting my gardener the other day you know. His actions, are on your hands because you refuse to let him compete.

Johnny Sampson
What so you want me to bring your unhinged client back on this show to end more careers? Is that it? I'm in charge now. Matthews didn't fire Brody when he did what he did. He should of. I have the power to fire him but I thought I could prevent that and ban him for a few weeks, let him cam down a bit. But now, you're telling me that the longer he stays away, he gets more dangerous?

Wade Flanagan
That is what I am saying. He's not meant to be kept away from that ring. He is a dominator. Let him dominate. Let him do his thing and we won't have any issues.

Johnny Sampson
Ok fine. I will find an opponent for Brody next week. But, he is on notice. If things get out of hand, I will not hesitate to fire him.

Wade Flanagan
Ok, you will not regret this decision.

Johnny Sampson
You better hope I don't. Now get out of my office.

Wade nods his head and leaves as Johnny sorts through the papers, pulling out a single sheet of paper and throwing it in the shredder next to his desk.


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