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CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

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CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:15 pm

Previously on The Walking Dead

  "Day 34, we're about to head out once again. I thought we were lucky to get past summer and out of the heat but the Colorado weather is ruthless. It's cold.....very cold. The wind doesn't help. I can feel my lips becoming chapped but that's the least of my problems. It's becoming very difficult to go without seeing the dead for at least a day. Chris killed two when he and I got some water from a stream. Paul says he sliced one up when he raided a school cafeteria this morning. Not to mention we all nearly died from a giant traveling heard last week. It's dangerous. And after what happened in the first week, the dead isn't the only danger out there. I'm just glad we're finally getting along. Everybody but Sam and Paul.

  I can't lie if I said I was completely over the death of my best friend. The dead look in his eyes when he reanimated still to this day haunts me. But Chris, he's unknowingly has comforted me. Just being there to teach me about survival. Almost as if i'm his protige He's not calling me a pussy as much anymore so that's a start. But, speaking about getting over deaths. Tim is still very badly beat up about losing his mom and brother. He's obviously bottling up his emotions so he can lead this group, but just seeing him when he's alone, he's missing them very much. Megan, she's the same, whether she wants to admit it or not. She's changed since I first met her. She no longer smiles. Not since Jon was around. And it almost seems like whenever she kills a biter, she's doing it to avenge her sister and boyfriend. I'm afraid she's following a dark path that she may not be able to come back from. Bob has tried to talk to her. Because he too has lost a lot. He watched his daughter get eaten over the phone. And he looked bad but it looks like he's been going down the opposite path as Megan. It looks like he's beating this. I'm happy for him.

  This thing is far from over. So it's important that we all stay strong. We may of lost. And we may lose more. But that thought can't prevent us from trying to gain. We will not just roll over and let this dark new world take us. We're stronger than that. If we wasn't, we wouldn't be here....."

Chris Andrews: Nick! You coming or you gonna stay here and get eaten?

Nick looks up from his journal and nods, closing it and placing it in his backpack before following Chris out the door. And with that, the crew begins heading down the shaded path.


The day is bright but is far from warm. Everybody aside from Paul, Chris, and Megan are under the warmth of a jacket. Bob had offered his jacket to Megan but she just ignored him. He watched as she moved away from him, to the from of the group as they all head down the road. He wanted to help her get through her demons. He knew what she was going through but she refused to talk. She refused to accept any sort of advice. She was visibly there with the group. But Bob knew she was really somewhere else. And his caring nature refused to give up on pulling her out, no matter how difficult it is.

Chris Andrews: Hey, check that out.

Andrews points his AR in the direction of a small country side motel in the distance.

Chris Andrews: Beds. Shelter. Possibly food if it's a part of a strip.

Tim LaFave: Good eye.

Tim kissed Axel on the head before handing him off to Megan.

Tim LaFave: Chris, Paul, Bob and I are going to check to see if it's clear. Wait for our signal.

Megan hands Axel off to Nick before pulling her pistol out and heading that way. Tim watches, shaking his head while Chris smiles and follows her. Tim and Bob follow close behind. Paul turns to Jade and places his hand on her shoulder.

Paul Divine: I'll be back. Stay safe.

He gives Sam a stern look before heading off. Sam scoffs with his arms crossed.


Megan steps into the parking lot of the motel, with the others still on their way. She immediately tracks a biter facing the brick wall. She begins walking towards it. It's head quickly turns to her as it hears her footsteps. A scowl forms on her face. A true hatred in her eyes shines as she places her pistol in her holster and whips out a blade. She grabs it by the throat and forces it up against the wall before drilling the blade between it's eyes and into it's brain.

As she pulls it out causing the monster to slide down the wall, the others show up. Chris admires the kill for a quick second before realizing that that's not the only biter around. Realizing, just like Megan did that guns aren't necessary yet, he throws his strapped AR behind his back and pulls out his machete. Both Tim and Bob pull there blades out while Paul reveals his sword as well.

Tim LaFave: I count 10. Everybody grab two...

They take his advice and begin the fight. Tim runs straight ahead to one of the biters, sticking his knife into the side of it's skull.He drops to a knee to push off the ground, gaining enough force to pull his blade out of the thick skull, before pouncing up and tackling another one on the ground, digging the blade in it's head as well. Paul quickly disposes of his two by luring them close together to him and slicing their heads off with one blow. Bob stabs his blade into the head of his first biter. But as he pulls it out, the blade breaks off. Realizing he's in trouble, he stands up, preparing to push back the other biter who's now gotten pretty close. However, it surprises Luger by grabbing his hands and pulling itself closer. As it looks to dig it's teeth into his shoulder, a shot is made and the biter falls to the ground with a hole in it's head. Luger looks up to see Megan being the man behind the gun.

Bob Luger: Thanks....

Tim wipes dust off of his pants as the group huddles up.

Tim LaFave: Ok we each take one room at a time. There seems to be 25 and there's cars in the parking lot so if these weren't the inhabitants, there will be some in those rooms.

Chris Andrews: Well technically we don't need to check all the rooms. Just enough.

Tim LaFave: True so let's see how many we need.

Bob Luger: It depends on how many beds are in one room.

Tim LaFave: Yeah.

Jade Divine: Guys!

Paul and the others turn to see the rest of the group heading towards them. Tim steps forward with a serious look on his face.

Tim LaFave: I told you guys to wait for the signal.

Jade Divine: There's a herd, headed this way. We gotta keep moving.

Tim LaFave: Shit. Ok.

Bob Luger: Wait really? There's rooms here.

Tim LaFave: Yeah but we'll eventually need supplies. Medicine. Food. And if we head out there after the herd passes, we may run into them again. I don't want to risk that.

Bob Luger: So you want them on our tail rather than let them pass us? We should stay put here and go a different direction for food.

Tim LaFave: This place is good for a night, not long term. It's not around anywhere significant. There's a...

Tim looks at the buildings beside the motel.

Tim LaFave: Antique and Bridal shop. And if we want a loan we can go to Quick Loans over there on the end.

Bob and Tim stare a hole through each other's skulls.

Bob Luger: Nowhere is going to be significant. Don't you guys see.....

Tim LaFave: It's not up for discussion. I'm leading this group and we can't stay here. We all want to find civilization. We want to find a long term place we can stay. We gotta keep moving.

Although he feels the urge to argue Tim's point, he swallows his pride and shakes his head.

Tim LaFave: All ready?

Chris puts out his cigarette.

Chris Andrews: Sure. We'd be better off findin a place if we didn't have to leave my baby.

Tim walks off, obviously in no mood for Chris' jokes. However, Nick walks beside him, still holding Axel.

Nick Blake: Sorry again Chris. I really didn't know I left it on.

Chris scoffs. Not that he's very upset but just to give the kid a hard time. The group begin to head on down the road once more.


"Day 35"

"Day 36"

"Day 37"

"Day 38"

"Day 39"

"Day 40"

"Day 41"

The days go by and the group still struggles to find a home. They end up finding an old camp bus and Chris gets it started. Pierre looks out the window, his eyes drooping. Everybody except for Tim and Chris get some sleep. Chris' excuse is that he has to drive the bus. But Tim's excuse is that every time he closes his eyes, he sees how everything went wrong. And every time, he understands that it's all his fault. He sees everything he could of done to prevent how things are now. Those thoughts are enough to kill a mans will to sleep. He only wanted to beat himself up inside. He knew he had to stay alive for his son. Axel was the only thing he had left. That and his best friend, Bob. But that wasn't enough to take the pain away. Just enough to make it bearable.

Chris Andrews: Tim.

Chris said, looking in the mirror at Tim in the second seat.

Chris Andrews: Come up here.

Tim sighs, and slowly moves to the seat closest to the drivers seat.

Chris Andrews: I know what you're going through man.

Tim LaFave: Do you?

Tim didn't mean to seem snippy, but he was. Not that it bothered Chris.

Chris Andrews: I lost my family before all this went down. I know what it can do to a man. But you still have that boy of yours. You need to get your head back in the game. We could of stayed at that motel. You know we could of. We could of just avoided the herd easily if we ran into it because we'd be behind it at that point. You just wanted to feel powerful. Feel something other than that pain that's been written on your face since your mother died.

Tim looks away.

Chris Andrews: I ain't trying to be a dick, i'm just being real. It's what I do. You need to get your head in the game for that boy. These people look at you for guidance. They can't keep doing that if you're being unreasonable.

Tim sighs.

Tim LaFave: I have been out of it. You're right. It's just.......I could of made decisions to prevent everything that happened.

Chris Andrews: You wasn't the maniac who decided to prey on other humans minutes after the word goes to shit. You did what any of us would of done. But now, whether you like it or not. We're all a family now. Your boy is your real family. You gotta lead us. Not that I need it, I could survive on my own but i'd go batshit crazy. You're the leader here. Don't fuck it up.

Tim nods as they pass a sign that reads "Camp Granite Lake 8 Miles". With a cardboard sign posted under it that reads, "Living Community".

Chris Andrews: Hot fuckin damn.

Tim LaFave: Wait....

Chris stops the bus. Bob and Megan end up waking up and walking towards the front.

Bob Luger: What's up?

Megan Cooper: Is that real?

Chris Andrews: Yeah we may of found our stronghold.

Tim LaFave: It could be a trap.

Megan Cooper: Are you serious?

Tim LaFave: Can you blame me for having trust issues?

Bob Luger: Yeah but this is what we wanted. A community.

Chris Andrews: We're never going to find that if we don't take chances.

Tim LaFave: We can't risk it.

Chris Andrews: Yeah but...

Tim LaFave: At night.

They look at him.

Tim LaFave: We'll camp out on the bus and wait till morning to check it out. If it's full of the dead, we'd have a better way of telling in the daytime. If it's a community, we'd be able to scout them before they scout us.

Chris smiles, almost as if he's proud of Tim for making a smart decision.

Chris Andrews: Sounds good to me.

Bob and Megan agree as well as the group wait out the night and sleep with Tim and Megan taking guard duty.


Morning arrives and those still sleeping begin to wake to the sound of Pierre digging around for marshmallows in his box of Lucky Charms. Sam and Jade both sit up and stare at each other, smiling. However, Sam's smile vanishes when Paul walks by.

Tim LaFave: Guys, we need to talk.


Sam Valentine: So let me get this straight. You want to go to a fucking summer camp that may not even have anybody there? What does a summer camp have? Some fucking floaties and a canoe. Hunny do you know any good canoe recipes? Of course not. Tim, we need food. We can't keep living off of stale cereal.

Nick Blake: He has a point.

Tim looks at his boy in Nick's arms and smiles at the sight of his beautiful blue eyes.

Tim LaFave: We're going there in search of civilization. If there is none, we move on. Simple as that. Let's go.

Jade Divine: Can I go pee first?

Tim LaFave: Yep.

Tim sits down and begins to count the rounds in his clip as Jade walks off the bus and heads out into the woods to find a good spot. She squats down and does her business. As she finishes up and pulls her pants up. She hears leaves rustling. As she turns around, a hand covers her mouth and she's taken to the ground. However, the fear escapes her eyes when she sees Sam on top of her. He removes his hand as she hits him on the chest.

Jade Divine: You fucking asshole.

Sam Valentine: Chill out babe. We haven't fucked in a while, I figured you know....

He begins to kiss her on the side of the neck. She smiles at first but then she pushes him off.

Jade Divine: Should we really be fooling around in a time like this?

Sam Valentine: When is it ever a good time hun? Fuck it. I want you to feel me.

He begins to unbuckle her pants and pull them off. At this point she gives into temptation.


Pierre Thompson: Man how long does it take those two to piss?

Chris Andrews: They're fuckin.

Pierre looks at Chris as the rest chuckle at his unawareness.

Tim LaFave: Here they come.

Chris smiles at the two lovebirds entering the bus as he starts the engine. And with that, they head on down the road.


A biter crawls along the pavement of the road in a pointless direction until the wheels of the bus run over it's body, crushing it's skull.

Chris Andrews: Here we are.

Chris makes a right into a dark, shaded path in the forest and continues on down the road. They go deep into the forest until finally they see some buildings in the distance.

Tim LaFave: Stop. I want a handful of us to check it out first, to see if it's safe. Who volunteers?

Chris Andrews: You already know I do.

Bob Luger: I'll go.

Paul Divine: Same.

Nick Blake: I'll go.

Chris smiles at Nick.

Megan Cooper: Me too.

Tim LaFave: Alrighty let's go.

Pierre looks at Sam.

Pierre Thompson: How come you never go do dangerous shit.

Sam Valentine: Because i'm smart.


Chris hands his two extra handguns to Bob and Nick while Tim and Megan hold theirs to the side. Paul grips his sword as the group slowly walk through the trees. They finally see it. A community. Cabins. Campfire. Crops. People.

*Gun Cocks*

They turn to see three men with sub machine guns pointed right at them.

Andrew Briggs: Drop your guns assholes! Or I'll drop you all dead.



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Re: CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

Post by Miztacular on Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:40 pm

Happy to see this back

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Re: CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:57 am

Miztacular wrote:Happy to see this back

I'm happy to see the saw chapters ba...

Oh wait. But hey Batman returns with an amazing Episode of walking dead.

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Re: CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

Post by Vic on Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:17 am

I love you loveeeeee can’t wait for more Smile

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Re: CMV TWD S2 EP1: Time

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