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The Beauty of Betrayal

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The Beauty of Betrayal

Post by Maurie on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:47 am

The footage cuts from commercial as the unhinged ringleader of what used to be The Thunder Circus makes his way to the ring. He carries a microphone and also in his other hand he carries a folding chair. Luther holds both menacingly while standing in the middle of the ring alone.

Luther Thunder
I was attacked previous to my match last week. An attack that can only be summed up as a warning shot. You see my brother thinks that when he does a sneak attack or one-ups someone that he has won. Hahaha, but that just isn’t the case is it? He gets a little offense in so of course he sees that as symbol of victory. Ole naive brother, let me tell you how war works. I always find a way to win. If it wasn’t for your games earlier, I’d have Sunshine at his knees. And it seems you aren’t the only one with that effect. You suffered as well. And in defeat somehow we both are seen on the same level. But again, thatis not the way I see it. We may be cut from the same cloth, share dna, hold the same surname and all. But there is no fair comparison between the two of us. I am a fighter. I’m doing everything and anything to win. But you've been disappointment after disappointment. Started as a joke. Became a mockery of the circus. Now you aren’t even Parker anymore. You’ve become a bland face among those in the crowd now. Unidentifiable and dishonorably pitiful now. I brought this chair because I want you to prove you’re still Parker deep inside. Parker can’t resist the violence. If I’m correct you fight me. So Payaso, come on dow-

Before getting his sentence to a closing, Payaso comes storming out without the face paint to match his brother's insanity. He stands on the apron and let's Luther continue running his mouth.

Parker, you haven’t proven yourself to be worthy of fighting me. Your attacks and haven’t overlayed your losses this season. So I have this chair. And if you truly hate me like you said, if you are worthy of fighting me, and if you are truly still Parker on the inside… Hit me over the head with this, right now.

Payaso climbs in from the apron and grabs the chair from the ground. Luther turns away from him and holds both of his arms out wide. As soon as he grabs the chair he starts to give him headshot after headshot. Once he started he did not stop. Referees and security from the back separated Payaso from Luther. They get him out of the ring only to all catch shots with the chair as well. Payaso runs back into the ring and places Luther’s head in the chair and sizes him up for the jumping cutter. Payaso sees no reason to stop so he lifts him again and this time sets him up for the Encore! Payaso still wanting to do more damage, goes under the ring to fetch more. He throws into the ring a kendo stick, a taser, nunchucks, and many more chairs.

Luther crawls around in a pool of his own blood looking up at Payaso as he comes back down with another chair shot. Payaso shows off his skills with a nunchucks by swinging them around a bit while letting loose on Luther with strikes. The crowd pops as he grabs the taser. He looks straight at Luther on the ground and he drops the taser to grab a microphone.

You don’t deserve to see Parker again. Payaso is already too much for you.

Payaso makes his way back up the ramp. Luther crawls across the ring to grab the microphone.

WAIT! Haha, you’ve passed the test Payaso. And now you’ve earned Luther. Me vs You. And this time, I’m calling the shots. Inside a steel cage, but there is going to be no escaping, as leaving the cage will be banned!

Payaso turns back around and keeps walking off, still unbothered by Luther’s request.

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
Rashad Rockwell:1x Tag Team Champion with Kidd Campbell
Elijah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore, 2x Alpha World Champion, 2018 Match of the Year, 2018 Attire of the Year, 2018 Face of the Year
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion
Miles Kelly: 1x Longest Reigning Rising Star Champion
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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