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Makeshift Interview!

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Makeshift Interview!

Post by Master Ogon on Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:55 pm

This "professional interview" which is taking place at the start of Reality Wrestling #35 starts with a shot of Dio leaning forward and pressing random buttons on the camera, clearly having no idea how to work an advanced camera. He's wearing his leather jacket and dark blue jeans, with the odd choice of a Boone Juice T-Shirt. The place that this "interview" is being done is in an empty locker room, even though that's hard to tell with Dio being so close to the camera.  Being fully blind to the fact that he's exposed for everyone to see, he continues to play with the camera in an attempt to figure out if the camera is on or not. Some things that people weren't meant to hear are said, maybe giving TOO much info about what Dio does in his free time...

Dio Suzuki:
Hmph, how dare she cancel the interview because I was flirting with her? Her husband didn't even have to know about it, it was just gonna be a single night thing because I was in the mood. I'm way better looking than her husband, but she wanted to remain loyal and be boring! This makes me remember that one night over the summer when I met that blonde chick, she came to me because her husband wasn't giving her enough attention. Funny thing is that he never found out even though I sneaked out of the fella's house when he arrived, If I was one second too late he would have found me in the bed! I can't blame the girl though, he couldn't satisfy anyone with his small pe-

Just before he can finish that sentence, he gets cut off.

Mysterious Manly Sounding Voice:

The camera was on for a while, idiot!

Dio just takes a couple steps back so his whole body can be in the frame and gives a cheeky smile to the camera, acting like everything that happened in the last couple of seconds never happened.

Dio Suzuki:
How are all of you doing? I hope the traffic getting to this place wasn't too bad, cause traffic really sucks. But now that I greeted all of you, it's time to get to the point. Due to some reasons that I will not reveal, my interview tonight got canceled so I will just interview myself and give all of you some info about myself. So, I'm Japanese but unlike most people I actually didn't become a legend there or something, I got kicked out when I was training to be a young lion because apparently, I was disrespectful! I just didn't want to be told what to do by the superiors, I'd rather make my own rules and do what I want. The only goal I have is to win the big shiny belt and remain free, even if that means I have to become the new law around here.

Suddenly, Dio's speech is halted and his head quickly snaps to the side with a furious look on his face. He's obviously being distracted by someone, but who?

                                                             [OPEN TO KYLO]
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Re: Makeshift Interview!

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:36 pm

Do you even know what you're doing?
[I]Blake Virtue enters the empty locker room in which Dio is giving his "Interview"[ /I]
Blake Virtue:
You realize that this has been on the whole time, right? Don't worry, this will only be on the internet forever. But on another note, you were trying to become a lion right? Well maybe you should of tried being a lion cub raised by gorillas instead of pigs. If you really want one of those shiny belts that could move you out of your two story cardboard box next to the river, you should try caring sometime. I think it'll help you out a bit.


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