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A Prototype

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A Prototype

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:56 pm

The Prototype Jordan Mercer stands in the interview area waiting for a mic.

Excuse me Mercer, but for the past month you haven't been winning, however you have put on great showings against future stars of Unmatched. Any thoughts?

Yes, it's called a Prototype. I ain't fully developed yet cause to be honest I have no idea what's going on here in Unmatched. I was always watching Fusion and Genesis, and I made the mistake of doubting the guys and women here on Unmatched. But I've been losing because I'm not ready yet. As I said I'm only a Prototype, which means I still have some things to correct and improve on. But it won't be long before I finally come out as the Perfect Project.

Mercer then leaves the interview area, ending the segment

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