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It was all my doing

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It was all my doing

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:51 pm

As Unmatched returns from commercial break, we find Jacob Hardway standing in the middle of the ring, with a microphone in hand. He smiles as the Titantron plays footage from Ground Zero.

Jacob Hardway:
Well. As you ungrateful fans can see, from the video that right in front of you, that I did it. I forced Howard Phillps to tap out. Now, I been getting texts and tweeted at that Vitor did most of the work. And when I look at the replays, all I see is Kevin Payne beating the shiz out of Vitor Belfort Jr. And if you look over at me, you would see that I am having no trouble in taking care of my respected opponent.

You see if it was just you stupid fans that kept on saying that Vitor carried the weight of the match and I slide in and stole the match, I would bat an eye at it. But you see Vitor himself are spreading rumors backstage that I stole the glory for myself.
And all I have to say to these claims are that I Dominanted since the start of the season. In the 3 v 3 I Dominanted, then I made the mistake of tagging in Kevin who got counted out. The in the 2 on 1 match, I Dominanted the entire match, then at Ground Zero, I dominated Howard, and you say that i was the weak link.

Vitor. Come out here, and fight me, to show you how weak I am. If you don't want to get your ass tapped out, well that just some Hard Luck on you man.

He stands there waiting on a response from vitor. But Vitor is no where to be found. Jacob stands there for a couple of minutes, until he finally through his mic down and marches to the back.

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