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NXT UnMatched Ep. 14 Card

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NXT UnMatched Ep. 14 Card

Post by Miztacular on Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:02 am

Match Card

Opening Match
NXT European Championship Number One Contendership Match
Tonight, we will discover who Eclipse will make his first Title defense against, Satoru earned this match by defeating Lorin Seoul in a Qualification match over a week ago, and Wendall Grace earned his spot in this contenders match by outlasting five other men in an over the top rope Battle Royal match this previous Saturday on a live event, winning the match by throwing Kevin Styles over the ropes. But who will walk out with a Title shot tonight? Can Wendall Grace concentrate on this match with Stuart Reynolds and Co roaming the arena? These are among many questions that will answered tonight.

Singles Action
Tonight we'll see a first time matchup as the NXT Womans Champion Jade Dynamite looks to take on Reina Del Cielos in singles action on the go home show before the NXT Quarantine Pay Per View, Del Cielos isn't looking too great at the moment, but a win over the champ could go the distance in turning her career around.

Tag Team Action
The former NXT Tag Team Champions look to take on the current number one contenders, The Corruption who'll be taking on The Bringers of Despair at NXT Quarantine in a match for the NXT Tag Team Championships. The Corruption will want the win tonight to get some momentum heading into their match, while a win here for The Saints could put them as the frontrunner's for another Title shot after the PPV.

Non Title Mach
After her impressive debut last week against CJ Havret, Victoria King will now watch as her husband, Michael King steps into the ring against the NXT Champion, who we now know will fight one on one with Brett Angel at NXT Quarantine. The last time Adams and Angel fought, Adams lost, so he'll need all the wins he can get before he heads into his upcoming Title defense.

Tag Team Action
In the second womens match of the night, we'll see Dirty Diana team up with '1 Shot' Leona who'll be having CJ Havret accompany them to the corner, and they'll take on the makeshift team of Alexia Hamilton and Aly Sindrin. It'll be a good opportunity for Dirty Diana to get her hands on the woman who has been tormenting her over recent weeks, but will she be able to co-exist with the woman who pretty much broke her face?

NXT Television Championship Number One Contenders Match
Tonight we'll see which of these men will really go the limit to earn their right to be the next in line for a shot at the NXT Television Championship. Blizzard, an NXT Legend, will be taking on one of the newer members of the roster, Bryan Sanders, in a no holds barred match. A match that neither man has ever been in, no experience in the world can prepare them for this, so who will come out with the win, and take on either Leo Cruz or Zack Starr next month.

Main Event
After seemingly aligning himself with The Authority and abandoning Halo, tonight, Kane is going to show Brett Angel that he has made the right choice, by putting D'Angelo St. Daniels up against Angels team mate, Osiris. Nobody will be ringside for this bout, to make it a fair example of The Authorities power. Angel will be watching this match however, as he sits in the Skybox with Kane up in the rafters.

NXT Quarantine Card so far:
Chris Adams Vs Brett Angel
DSD Vs Brock Lesnar
The Bringers of Despair Vs The Corruption
Jade Dynamite Vs Dirty Diana
Zack Starr Vs Leo Cruz
Rose Punish Vs Alexia Hamilton

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