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Respect and Opportunities

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Respect and Opportunities

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:38 pm

As Friday Night Genesis continues rolling, we see Cass LaFave walking down the hallway in her beautiful pantsuit, smiling and nodding at her employees before her path is blocked by the two time Alpha World Champion, Bob Luger, not looking too satisfied by what had transpired at the top of the show.

Bob Luger
Are you kidding me?

Cass LaFave
Excuse me-

Bob Luger
Don't act stupid Cassandra. I can get past the fact that I have to share my rematch clause with somebody else who has a rematch clause but now your son has miraculously added to the match?

Cass LaFave
MLP accepted his request.

Bob Luger
That request goes through you. He doesn't deserve to be anywhere near that title and you know that. Decline the request. And you know what. I'm not ok with sharing my rematch clause. Elijah can wait. I cashed in my clause first.

Cass LaFave
Ok let's get one thing straight Bob. I am not pulling any favors for my son but I believe in respect and opportunities. That's what this brand was built on, you should know you played the part for the better part of a year. MLP could of declined his offer but instead he accepted the challenge head on. Just like you will because I will not change this match up. The Fatal Fourway is official and next time you try to come at me making demands.....there will be consequences.

The two share an intense pair of glares before Bob begins to walk off but stops beside her.

Bob Luger
You need to understand that when he's in the ring with me, your son, i'm going to hurt him so bad you'll be calling him Nick again.

Cass smiles at the threat as Bob begins to walk off, however, she refuses to reward his behavior with the last word.

Cass LaFave
Bob, come to Genesis next week prepared for a fight. Because you're going one on one with...The International Champion, Chris Andrews.

The crowd pops as she walks off smiling, leaving a very frustrated Bob Luger in the middle of the hallway.

(Written by Bman, just posted for 'em <3)

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