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The NEW Generation

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The NEW Generation

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:24 pm

After the devastating blow of a loss to Sakura Gedo, the Asian just sits in the ring, looking at the ceiling, before the PA System begins playing and out comes the Transexual himself, Mr….Miss Lola Spenz. She slides in the ring, looking seductively at Gedo, who just sits there with no emotion to his face. Lola does a side pose, while holding a microphone to his face.

Heartbreak...what is heartbreak?....It’s never seeing someone truly there. It’s never getting the big score. It’s never winning your big….match.

Lola then lays on her back, looking up at the ceiling with Gedo, as Sakura get’s up and stands in the corner, looking at the puzzling figure in the middle of the ring, smiling as she looks up at the ceiling.

You see, Gedo, I’m not out here to congratulate you. I’m here to reintroduce you...to invite you. To my project….to OUR project. Ever since we got here, we’ve had our eyes on one person….and it was you. We looked at the best of the best here in CMV, but they were old and shriveled and weak-boned. Whereas you….you’re the pinnacle of the next generation….You are the pinnacle for the NEW generation.

As those words were said, Lola sits back up, before getting up and slowly, but seductively lays himself on top of Gedo, who looks unsatisfied and greatly disturbed at what is happening. Gedo pushes Lola off and grabs the mic.


Lola looks as if she snapped, before lunging at Gedo, who would quickly sidestep the attack, before getting the legs underneath him snatched by Lola, having Sakura fall on his back. Lola quickly jumps on Gedo and pins him to the mat. For Gedo, it was incredibly difficult to force her off, as Lola just smiles, drool coming out of her mouth while doing so. She moans a bit, looking ever so slightly at Gedo, before rolling off of him and out of the ring. She cleans herself off, wiping the slobber off of her mouth, before smiling once more looking at the disturbed Gedo.

Heheheh...heh….Welcome to the big time, Mr. Gedo….

And with that, the lights turned off….the crowd confused….but at the time, you heard shuffling in the ring, along with the grunting of Sakura Gedo. The lights turn back on, as 3 of Lola’s henchmen at in the ring, holding Gedo in place, with Lola slowly creeping back in the ring. She looks at him, excitingly smiling, before asking one of the henchmen for a chair while the other two stomp out Gedo. The 1st henchmen grabs the chair and gives it to Lola, as she walks over to the attack happening. She signals off the 2 other henchmen, looking before herself a struggling Sakura Gedo. She orders the henchmen to hold his arm in place. She turns the chair upside down and bashes Gedo’s arm into pieces, laughing as the inhumane act was happening. Several times you could hear the bone of Gedo’s arm get crushed underneath the chair’s power, alongside Lola’s devious problem. When she finishes, Lola grabs Gedo and hits a rolling cutter on him, leaving him a pile of broken bones in the ring. She smiles, grabbing his hair, before kissing him on the forehead. And then, the henchmen and Lola disappear into the back, before medics could get out and look at Gedo’s arm.

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

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