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Joy is coming

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Joy is coming

Post by Bloody_justice on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:46 am

We see a all to familiar sight of the bloody forest and with in we hear what sounds like wrestling going on and as the camera zooms in some more we see the all to familir face of.... that's right joy justice and she' sweating up a storm her partner in training is her mother geaatina justice and they both noticed the camera and joy had a few words to say.

Joy JusticeĀ 
Oh what a wonderful thing that has happened I finally got reapporaved to join cmv again even though I didn' take a lot of hits I still got hit quite a few times but there' something else after the match I went to my home and o my surprise I had a package from the Navy and many of you'll maybe wondering why did joy get a package from the Navy well the answer it' because I'm retired military I served in the Navy before joining CMV. I was a O-1 which is pronounced oh 1 which is a incen and I served 20 years a bit more I be live. But back on topic it was a letter that said "honey I'll be home soon" and on the inside there was a officer sword which my husband is retiring as a incen as well from the navy.

And with that said joy packs up and enters her house.
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