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Good Bye, Jon

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Good Bye, Jon

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:27 am

As Genesis returns from commercial break, we find Jon Reed Backstage sitting on a supply crate. He has a face shows the look of disbelief.

Jon Reed:
How did you...

Jon has got to the point in his head, that he simple smirks to change his personality.

I made a deal.

The smirk disappears.

But, I didn't finalize the deal.

The smirk returns.

I made the deal with Chris Andrews, what you mad that you went and got yourself knocked out, and I took over.
Tell me what happen in the semi finals when I wasn't in control.

The smirk disappears agian.

I lost. But ...

The smirk returns, but this time he looked angrier than usually.

Speaking of deals, you finish your business. A deal is a deal, it's time.

The smirk returns, and Jon looks up at the camera, as if he looking at the CMV Universe.

A deal is a deal. I guess this is my last goodbye.

The smirk instantly came back. He looks down at his hand and his Devilish smirk got even bigger.

I'm free. I'm FREE AT LAST.

Jon starts to laugh diabolicly, but he hastefully stops as the former World Champion, former Genesis General Manager, and CMV Hall of Famer Dave Turner turns the corner, as he passes Jon, he pats him on his back. And he continues down the hallway.

Hey Dave!

As Dave turns to face Jon, he notice at the very last second that Jon foot was coming straight towards his face. Jon delivered a superkicks to the legend Dave Turner.  Jon starts chuckling, as he staired at Dave limp body and smirks. He instantly gets on top of Turner and starts unloading left and rights. Referees rush the scene trying to pull off Jon but, it almost as if Jon is was more powerful. Security rushes the area and drag him off of Turner. Whose face was covered in blood, Jon smirking as they drag him back. He realizes, he has Dave Turner blood on his hand, he begins to rub it over his face and he smiles with Turner's blood is dripping off his face. The screen fades to black.


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