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All I ever wanted

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All I ever wanted

Post by Childish Meltzer on Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:54 pm

As the cell wall raises Chet Taylor drags himself to his feet using the ropes for leverage. Stumbling over towards the corner as he wipes the sweat from his brow. The leader of Syndicate raises a fist in the air in victory. After over a year, the former CMV World Tag Team Champion and Anarchy Champion had finally redeemed the match that had sent him down this path. He looks down at the current UnMatched General Manager Eric Matthews and shouts at him, words that aren't picked up by the cameras, words that probably shouldn't be spoken on television. Chet Taylor walks over to the downed UnMatched General Manager, looming over him, shaking his head in pity before leaving the ring to retrieve a microphone. Matthews begins to stir in the ring, clutching his bloody head. At the very sight of this Chet stops showboating ringside and proceeds to enter the ring and regain control of the situation unleashing some stomps to the back of Matthews ensuring he stays grounded against the mat. He looks down on Matthews, overlooking his prey he raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to talk.

Chet Taylor
Poor Eric Matthews, hahaha, oh how you have made a big mistake.

Chet Taylor is just sitting on the top turnbuckle looking down at the crumple heap of what is Eric Matthews.

Chet Taylor
Everyone always wants to play the Chet Taylor way, dare I say you underestimate me? Matthews, you can't be that naive as a "veteran", can you?

For days I got lost in my mind not knowing what to do to you. I thought to myself how do I want to break to you, how can I perform my own personal onslaught to fullfill my own emjoyment. Matthews, the question is, how bad do I want to hurt you. Well, the answer is really, really badly. 

This moment right here is everything...everything that I have been waiting for, the only thing I wanted in my life is right here and I'm loving every second of it. Matthews you are like an animal in the wild, you thought you were safe. You traverse across the train with a sense of security, a solemnity comes across you in this land. "A new land of opportunity!"....as you put it.
Unfortunately for you, and many others like you, there is something out there waiting for you. As you tread so carelessly you are unbeknownst to the threat far more lethal than you could ever imagine.
I said I will end you, the final note, the final sound, hahaha my friend you won't even hear it. At the very start of this journey you buried me like I didn't exist. So that's exactly what I'll do.

I am going to bury you.
And practically on cue, out from the back they come, the rest of Syndicate. Cody Douglas, Aaron Waite, running down to the ring to join their stablemate in this moment of victory, all three men surround Eric like a pack of wolves as he manages to pull himself up to one knee, looking around in horror, knowing full well what his future holds. In a split second, Aaron lunges forward, cracking Eric straight in the mouth sending him crumbling back to the canvas. Chet looks towards Aaron, raising an eyebrow, pleased with his Intensity, he walks over to the former Global Champion, allowing him to speak a few words, passing the microphone over. Waite, who still has failed to remove his eyes from Matthews, holding a locked stare on his former rival, snatches the microphone from the hands of Chet and begins to shout down the microphone towards Matthews, his voice fueled by Intensity.

Aaron Waite:
I've always hated you Matthews, always. Betraying intensity and coming here to be the GM is one thing. But what you did to us, what you did to intensity was the worst mistake you'll ever make. It's the last mistake you'll ever make. Intensity was OUR show, MY show. You took that away from us. You took away a thing of greatness from CMV. So now in return, we will take CMV.. Away from you..

Waite drops the microphone and rushes forward, dropping stomp after stomp on Matthews as Chet and Cody watch on. After letting off several boots to the back, Waite drops to his knees and pounces on Matthews, dropping bombs from a mounted position, busting up the already bloodied face of the UnMatched General Manager. Dropping punch after punch on Matthews who has simply nothing to offer in response. Chet Taylor, after letting this go on for a fair while nods towards Cody who walks over and drags the former Global Champion, Aaron Waite off of Eric. Waite however, is not finished and free's himself, once again pouncing on Eric for a brief moment before he's pulled off. Chet stands in between Waite and the downed Matthews in attempt to calm him down.

Cody Douglas grabs the microphone from the ground, allowing the proverbial loose cannon of Syndicate to get some words in. Pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair, he stops at the feet of Matthews and looks down at the UnMatched General Manager with a grimace as he speaks into the microphone.

Cody Douglas:
Oh you thought you were smart Eric! Oh yes you did. You did whatever you could to avoid this moment, hell you even got yourself retired... You even took a backstage role, did you really think that would stop us? DID YOU?!

Cody boots Eric Matthews in face as he attempts to sit up, grounding him against the mat once again. Cody lets out a chuckle, the chuckle of a mad man before he continues on.

Cody Douglas:
You were always the goal Eric, from the moment I came here, from the moment Chet brought me in to make your life a living hell. You were the target, and boy did you make a game out of it. You made me wait for the inevitable.

Cody looks away for a moment, rolling his eyes before looking back at Matthews with a piercing look of anguish. He drops to his knees, getting right in the face of Eric Matthews.

Cody Douglas:
I do NOT like waiting!

Cody drops a hammer fist down onto the bloody mess that is the face of Eric Matthews, as he continues on practically shouting.

Cody Douglas:

Cody drops another fist, continuing on.

Cody Douglas:

And another. Cody sits upright now, seemingly done with the punches, however he continues to run his mouth down the microphone.

Cody Douglas:
These might be your halls, your show. But, there's one thing the human race has NEVER been able to hide from, there's one thing the human race has NEVER been able to control. That's violence, and I am one violent gentleman. It's in my blood Eric, it's in my DNA. People like you are what's wrong with this place, and people like me, people like Chet, people like Aaron. We're on a quest to fix it. So as you lay there, looking up at the bright lights with your vision impaired with your own blood. We're going to give you what you've had coming for some time. The day you decided to mess with us, the day you decided to mess with Chet after the Royal Rumble event nearly two years ago will come full circle tonight.

Cody gets back to his feet, waking over to Chet Taylor, passing him the microphone before being directed to once again tie Eric Matthews' arms up in the ropes, a position that he has found himself in time and time again at the hands of Syndicate. While this goes on, Aaron Waite exits the ring to retrieve a couple of steel chairs, launching them into the ring before sliding back in himself while Chet begins to speak into the microphone.

Chet Taylor
I hope you’ve all been paying very close attention, because you should heed this warning. Stay out of our way, do not annoy us and we will not hurt you. It’s just that simple. 
Now before we go, I have a question for you all.
“What is to happen about Eric Matthews?"
The answer?
Who cares, am I right?

In Vintage Syndicate fashion, Chet Taylor clicks his fingers and his two stable-mates begin to go to work, each picking up a chair and cracking Matthews across the stomach over and over again. Chet throws the microphone over the top rope and backs up into the corner, watching on as Cody and Aaron decimate the UnMatched General Manager with chair shot after chair shot. Standing in the corner, after watching this unfold for a moment, Chet once again clicks his fingers and the duo turn to him watching, Chet grips the ropes nearest to him and looks to set up his signature running knee, as he revs up the run, Cody raises a finger, perhaps with an idea, he walks over to Eric and holds a chair right up in front of the face of Matthews, Chet simply smiles as he lets go of his hold on the ropes and propels himself forward at full force connecting hard with the chair, and Matthews face along with it. Cody pulls the chair away, holding it up into the air, showing the world the dent from the force of Chet's knee, the trio look towards Matthews who looks all but out of it. Watching over him, enjoying their handiwork for a moment before Waite moves forward, not content with the damage done, ends the beating with one final smack of the chair across the face of Matthews, a sound heard around the world as metal meets face.


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