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3 Seconds

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3 Seconds

Post by RiftedEnergy on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:47 pm

The music hits, Quantum emerges. You know the drill.

Walks down the the ring with The CMV World Championship in hand... you've seen his entrance. In fact, you saw it last night, and it looked exactly the same, so no need to go into detail.

He gets in the ring, gets a mic, yada yada yada.

As hes about to say some shit that yall have all heard before... he pauses for.. an arbitrary amount of Time to reflect. The boo's that began with the first 3 words of this promo finally hit him. Unfortunately for their vocal cords though, their thunderous vibrations are unable to shake The Champ.

" Listen..." he pauses just enough time to let them really show their feelings as their frustrations grow and burst with one more roar, but as he raises the mic back to his lips they obey.

"I would hate to come out here and repeat myself... say the same things I've been saying over and over... say the same things i said last week and the week before... and the month before... and the year before.
You know, the ONE thing about me... is that I really hate repeating myself...

He stops in his tracks to a fan in the first row who has their phone out, not filming Quantum but seemingly responding to a text or facebookin.

"Hey Fucko in the very front row wearing that stupid orange shirt..."

The kid looks up

"Did you hear what I said?"

He shakes his head acknowledging ignorance.

"I SAID ... ...nah ... never mind, just go back to googling the guy on your shirt and maybe next time you'll realize he aint on this show... " A collective gasp is heard from the fans in attendance as the cameraman zooms in on the shirt. Quantum looks to the crowd to see if anyone could have caught the irony of the original question.

"So.. I won't. But, What I will do is is share some things that OTHERS have been repeating. I've heard a few things like... Paper Champion.... looks pretty solid to me..."" he knocks on the belt and chuckles.
"I've heard 'Someone must be Pulling the Strings' for Quantum... and honestly if I were a business man, like you know not just a regular one but like a successful one, I would be doing the same. So... whatever you want to think about that, but the only thing I can say truthfully... is that there are No Strings Attached..."

He stops for longer than usual and eyes the entrances to the for the man who decides his fate. Then continues
"I've heard 'Rest in Peace Main-Event Scene' because I am the CMV World Champion? Well, I after last night I agree.... until you find me a challenge.. and I'll only wait... the amount of time... it takes for me to pin them..."

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Re: 3 Seconds

Post by Topher Mod on Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:31 am

Intelligent promo,. Glad to see someone using the bullshit i say in chat and using it in a promo, instead of taking it personal. Quantum makes a good champ.

Topher Mod
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Re: 3 Seconds

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:36 am

Before Quantum can continue on his victory speech, the theme of one of the majority CMV Shareholders, the former UnMatched and current Fusion General Manager, Johnny Sampson hits the PA System to the surprise of Quantum who raises an eyebrow as he looks towards the stage. The crowd erupts as the Fusion General Manager walks out from the back, a microphone in his hands, sporting his patented ink black shades, he looks around the arena with a slight smile, reminiscing his former days as the UnMatched General Manager. In Vintage Johnny Sampson fashion he drops the microphone to the floor and slowly removes his jet black shades, nodding his head with a grin as he tucks them into his blazer pocket. Sampson picks up the microphone once again and shouts across the arena.

Johnny Sampson:
Boy aren't I glad to be home!

The crowd erupt in cheer for their former general manager who begins to make the walk to the ring, the eyes of the future man remain focused on Sampson while he scales the steel steps before walking across the apron and entering the ring, looking across to the current CMV World Champion, Quantum for a brief moment before turning to the crowd once again.

Johnny Sampson:
You're all speculating why I'm here right now, and as much as I'd love to say that I've re-instated myself as the UnMatched General Manager, that is not the case. I am still the full time Fusion General Manager, but after what happened this past Sunday at Ground Zero to UnMatched General Manager, I've had to step in to temporarily take the reigns for a few weeks. So don't get your hopes up people. Enjoy it while it lasts, because for the next month or so! Johnny Sampson, the greatest General Manager in UnMatched history! Is back!

Johnny Sampson lowers his microphone and slowly turns to see Quantum still glaring at him, and with a smile on his face, he turns towards the future man, rubbing his roughly shaved beard before he continues on.

Johnny Sampson:
Before I get down to the details, I think a congratulations is in order, I know you've had the belt for a while now, but this is the first time I've been able to see you so.. Congratulations Quantum, Blizzard, Omega-Z, whichever one you wish to be known as these days, for finally! Finally! Rising above the adversity and winning a major Championship. I don't believe we've ever been introduced. But the names Johnny Sampson. Let me tell you something I like you, I like your confidence, I like your style, I like the fact that you're not afraid of any challenge thrown your way. But... There's one problem I have with you Quantum. You see I helped make UnMatched what it is today, I helped bring this brand to the top, and I'm not sure about how I feel about the notion that there "are no challengers" quite frankly. I look around that locker room and I see plenty of challengers worthy of facing you. So I wouldn't walk around here feeling too cocky if I were you Quantum, you have a target on your back, everyone in the back wants that belt and I know some of them will stop at nothing, they'll come after you any time, anywhere. You can't be on guard all the time Quantum and like you said. It only takes three seconds. There's a money in the bank holder out there waiting for you to make a mistake.


I'm not out here to threaten you Quantum or make you feel like you're not one of the greats, if anything, I'm just warning you, I'm trying to keep you grounded. But, back on the notion that there are no challengers. In one way or another, you're kind of right. A lot of people are either coming off of losses, tied down in fights with other challengers or chasing Rage and his Global Championship. But... I can think of one man, a man that you're actually rather familiar with. One of THE most decorated men in CMV history. That is available and waiting at the phone for his calling.

Quantum raises an eyebrow in curiosity, Sampson notices as such and lowers his microphone, smiling back at Quantum in a somewhat cocky fashion before pressing on.

Johnny Sampson:
Ah, I see you're curious, chomping at the bit to find out exactly who your opponent is huh? I think, seeing as there is no challenger for you as you put it, I'm going to leave you hanging, I'm going to let you figure it out for yourself, I mean it shouldn't be too hard should it?. Well you're the future man, you should know already. But, I assure you Quantum, even you will not be able to see this opponent coming.

Sampson lowers his microphone and begins to back up to the edge of the ring, slipping out onto the apron, his eyes remain fixated on Quantum as he continues to talk from the apron.

Johnny Sampson:
Be prepared Quantum, ready up that timestamp, cock that fist for the 24 punch because at Quarantine. INSIDE Hell in a Cell, there'll be no escape, not that you'll need it anyway, but you're gonna have to go straight to hell and back if you're going to come out with that belt.

Johnny Smiles once more Quantums way, Quantum looks back with a stern look upon his face. Sampson turns to the crowd, still on the apron and extends his arms, taking in the ovation from the crowd once more before dropping down from the apron to the floor, throwing his microphone off to the side after he lands. He turns back to Quantum for a brief moment before making the walk up the ramp where he stops on the stage, with his back to the arena he pulls out his jet black shades and slips them back on before walking through the curtain to the back, leaving Quantum alone in the ring as the camera fades to commercial.

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Re: 3 Seconds

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