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CAW BIO: Marko & Rose Punish

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CAW BIO: Marko & Rose Punish

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:13 pm

Name's: Marko Pezzati.
Rose Pezzati.

Age: Marko, 31.
Rose, 26.

Billed From: Milan, Italy.

Currently Resides in: Marko - Miami, Florida.
Rose - Orlando, Florida.

Stutus: Marko - Heel.
Rose - Heel.

Gimmick: Marko - Strongman Heel.
Rose - Dirty-Strong Heel.

Style: Power Moves.

Current Allies: Marko - The Authority.
Rose - N/A

Current Enemies: Marko - All who oppose The Authority.
Rose - Alexia Hamilton, Dirty Diana, Jade Dynamite.

Titles & Accomplishments: Marko - 1x NXT Tag Team Champion.

Rose - N/A

Family In Wrestling: Edwardo Pezzati, Father.

Background: Watching their father perform at local wrestling shows all around Italy, both Marko and Rose had dreams of one day becoming professional wrestlers from almost day one. Despite idolizing their father the siblings also resented him as growing up Marko & Rose had to practically take care of themselves and at times, even their father due to their mother dying during Roses' birth. Rose and Marko were trained occasionally from their father and also trained part time at local gyms during their teens, also entered body building and strongman/woman contests all around Europe and the middle-east before making their in-ring debuts back home in Italy after receiving a call from their father.

The Family would form a formidable faction throughout Europe and although Marko & Edwardo's physical strength were apparent, Rose would impress crowds with her strength also beating male opponents during this time. But the success would soon fall as Edwardo would receive a career ending injury breaking his neck and becoming paralyzed, at this time Rose was left to take care of her father with Marko's wife, Gabriella as Marko had been called to the states to join CMV where he would tag with Kevin Payne and form The Faces Of Fear.

Marko and Kevin became good friends behind the scenes and a formidable tag team onscreen but the alliance would be short lived as the team was broken up and Marko would receive his first feud with his former partner dominating him in what may very well be the shortest Last Man Standing Match of All Time. Marko would then go from feud to feud dominating opponents such as former world champions Scott Norrie & Kevin Owens. After his "main event" run Marko would fall into a slump going on a long running losing streak before being demoted back to NXT where his bad luck would continue until the re-branding of NXT where Marko has shown to be back on top form and with his sisters arrival in CMV and the help of The Authority can the big man finally turn it all round and prove his doubters wrong by finally winning a "big one"? And can Rose make a name for herself in the newfound Vixxen's Division of CMV? Only time will tell if the Pezzati family will leave their mark on the widespread wrestling world.

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Main Event Star!

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