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First Place Will Get a Taste

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First Place Will Get a Taste

Post by Master Ogon on Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:31 am

The camera turns on to reveal Devious laying down on a black couch with a smug smile on his face. He's wearing a stained white t-shirt and he has bags under his eyes, it looks like he hasn't slept or washed in days. However, the disturbing thing is the pictures on the wall behind him, as we see many pictures of the Fusion roster. All the champions and all the talent seem to be on this wall, but two people seem to stand out on this wall. Shanaz who seems to be the current target of Devious, and the man who stole his golden opportunity, Jacob Ziegler, both of their pictures have been circled with a red marker. This shows the large amount of hatred Devious still has toward Ziegler, and that he wasn't telling a lie when he said he has plans for every single member of the roster if they need to be dealt with. Devious sits up to look at the camera and begins to speak, sounding confident.

Matt Devious:
I wasn't booked for the night, but I didn't want to leave all of you questioning where I was. So, the match is official now! Devious Vs Shanaz, I'm really looking forward to it! I hope the audience is looking forward to it as well because the last time we had a match all of you seemed to love it. But I'm here to describe why I want this match so badly, so listen up. First off, I don't want the match to obtain affection from people for putting on an amazing match, I also don't want the match because I think it's the civil way to solve our issues. I want the match because if I win, that'll cause people to notice me and remember who I am. I called out a big star and I got one, so if I beat one big star, that just means I'll get another one! I'll start facing off against more and more stars, and eventually, I'll get the title that I would have won if Ziegler didn't steal my briefcase!

Devious starts to stand up with an angry look on his face, even bringing up the dramatic event of Ziegler causes him to explode in anger most of the time, but he forces himself to sit back down and remain calm.

Matt Devious:
I'm sorry, I almost started ranting about that guy again, but I didn't want to waste time with complaining! So, this is my home, does it look good? I mean, I spent a lot of time decorating it and making it look nice! Every single time I wake up I get to be reminded of the ones I have to deal with, every time I come back home I see the faces of those I hate, it's really good motivation. Since I had the day off, I had time to come here and spend even more time thinking about how to approach the match. Now we just have to wait until the pay-per-view! That's all I wanted to talk about, I hope you all decide to think about what I said.

Matt stands up and walks over to where he placed the camera, turning it off to signal the end of this odd promo.
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Re: First Place Will Get a Taste

Post by Alveuss on Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:33 am

Mr Steal Yo Case

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