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The Challenge

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The Challenge

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:43 pm

As Friday Night Genesis continues, the PA System begins playing as coming off an attack by the hands of William Rage, Jaquan Shay comes out with a bandage on his head. The crowd boo on the superstar, hoping that he would’ve been out for good. He get’s in the ring, sniffling a bit, smelling the Las Vegas residue of gamblers and drunks. He sets aside the awful smell, as he get’s onto talking.

Surprised? I’m not. Because unlike this William Rage guy, I don’t take more than a month off because I got hit up a couple of times on the head with a bat. Unlike him, I’m not the one that has to change their “persona” just to get to the guy that put him on the map to begin with. I could stay as Jaquan Shay and whoop everyone’s asses, but you want to go a different route, Jimmaurie. And I guess that’s the thing now-a-days, being as we’ve had 3 nutjobs do that in the span of a month.

1st, it was the werewolf boy, Josh Wolf. Then it was the idiot-gone-retarded, Jon Reed. And to top it off, we have the 1st African American male that can’t tie his own shoes!! I mean, you have to be as stupid as the rest of these class acts to think that coming out in a goddamn raincoat is gonna do anything to faze me.

The crowd gorge in the booing, as Jaquan Shay just smirks and “dusts his shoulder off”, giving way to the haters in attendance.

Jimmaurie, you’re a good kid. I respect that you pursue this vengeance inside of you, because that’s what you’ve been needing for a long time. Because I knew from the moment Jay Davis took us under his wing, that you’d be trouble. I brought it up to him that you were nothing than a injured leg in the build of our legacies. So we split. And after that, you came to me to be YOUR tag partner again. And sure, I played the part and got your trust, but what did I do after that? I took your pride and your trust and I smashed it on the ground like a dining plate. I took your spirit and crushed it, into thousands of pieces, to a point to where you lost everything. And Jimmaurie, you know I broke YOU!! You know I took you over the edge and then more. I took you so far over the edge, you had to come back as a whole different person. You had to change who you were, and to be honest I would too if I took losses faster than Shane Scott takes blowjobs.

The crowd laugh a bit, but then resume to the booing, which made Jaquan smile a bit, knowing that his little charade was working.

All I’m saying, Jimmaurie, is you spent over a month in the nut-house only to come back and want me. So I know how this is gonna go. You come out here in a goddamn moccasin or something like that, do your “I come back for your head” thing and then challenge me for a match at Exodus. So before you go and blow your load out here, let me do the honours….

I challenge you, Mr. Rage, to a match at Exodus. But under one stipulation....it’s going to be a Iron Man Match!! The better man with the most points will prove to the other how much they suck. And believe me, Jimmaurie, I don’t plan on losing to some suck-up believer of the good guy code. And I certainly don’t plan on losing to some punk-ass crybaby who sat in their house for over a month, watching the excellence that is me, and piss and moan about it because you couldn’t get the job done. I plan on walking out with YOUR head and proving to the CMV Universe that you are still the 2nd base jobber you’ve always been.

And as those harshful words were said, Jaquan drops the mic, leaving the ring to the hundreds at attendance, booing at him. He’d give a handjob sign to one of the ladies in the front row and flip off some of the men too, before getting to the ramp, flipping everyone off, and walking into the back...

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

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Charlie Garfield:
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Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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Re: The Challenge

Post by Maurie on Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:25 pm

As Shay walks to the back, he’s forced to walk backward as he see stye very man he was just speaking of right in front of him. Jimmaurie takes a couple of breaths and a bit of a warm up jump in place to get himself fired up. Jimmaurie takes his hair out of a pony tail and continues to stare down his rival with malicious intent.

William Rage
As much as it would satisfy me to actually waste my energy by ripping your shoulder blades out and making you swallow them and make you take the most uncomfortable shit in your life, I’ve gotten myself a very twisted idea that would work perfectly for you. Let’s make it na iron man shall we. But you’re getting zero say in how this actually goes down. Because we’re gonna do it inside, HELL IN A CELL!

The crowd stands up with an immediate reaction to the war that is going to pursue soon between the two men.

William Rage
Shut the fuck up you fookin gremlins, I’m not finished talking. Shay you want to talk about me switching characters, but I’ll say it, my name is Jimmaurie “kick your ass and spit in your mouth” Williams and no matter what name i fight under, I’ll be always called winner from now on. Don’t compare me to some 220 lbs white boy with a wolf fetish or some donkey that can’t fully cut his hair without looking like a generic douche. Face it Shay. The only maks you’ve ever abused is for halloween. And with all the talk you’ve been doing, you better have a pen taller than your Russian sex slave in the back. Cover yourself in Supreme. Cover yourself in Gucci. Cover yourself in horse semen if you’d like. Because Once we’re locked in Hell together, I’ll be fucking you up in all sorts of ways. Have a nice fucking day and don’t use my bloody name again until I feel like being bothered by a bampot like yourself.

William Rage walks out through the curtain while Jaquan waits by the stage to see if the coast is clear. You can hear as Jimmaurie walks off and continues talking crap about Jaquan Shay.

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