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Simon Says....

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Simon Says....

Post by 316topher on Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:57 pm

Lisa : Lisa Evans here on the pre-show of Ground Zero, I'm  backstage looking to get some exclusive backstage interviews for tonight’s main card, I think I see none other than Simon, yes he’s doing some push ups. Lets try and get some words with the SexBomb…..

Simon. Simon…. Hi… Lisa here, may I get a few words on your biggest match in your CMV career as you take on George King for the CMV  European Championship?

Simon : Simon says, you look mighty fine tonight, how about we go back to my locker room for…

Lisa : Ummmm we are live Simon.

Simon : Well if you want an audience, I’m sure we can put on a show for them.

Lisa : WHAT??? No…. That’s not what I meant.

Simon : Then what the hell do you want then?

Lisa : Just to get a few words, jeez

Simon : SHUT UP, you don’t speak to the SexBomb like that, show me some god damn respect, now ask your stupid questions.

Lisa : WOOOOW, OK, well as I said you face George King one on one for the CMV European Championship, your thoughts please.

Simon : MMMMMMM tonight the CMV is gonna get a treat, I’m gonna walk down that isle looking sexier than ever, just you wait….But tonight no distractions, no Bishop, no stupid Rooster, no stupid refs costing me matches…..Tonight I become European Champion and how sexy that will look around my waist, mmmmmm I’m getting tingly just thinking about it.

Lisa : Well I did see The Bish talking to the Rooster earlier to….

Simon : WHAT??? God dammit, no, they aint ruining my night….

Lisa : Wait…. Oh well looks like Simon’s gone to look for them, lets go back to ringside.

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