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Why don't you put up or shut up!!

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Why don't you put up or shut up!!

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:40 pm

As the reigning Womens Undisputed Champion celebrated her win over the Womens IC and Womens Hardcore Champion, her music was suddenly cut off and the Titantron cut to Fury. With her signature shades on it was hard to tell just what she was thinking or feeling, but it wouldn’t remain that way for long as the Alpha Female had no problems telling the CMV universe how she felt.

For the moment Quinn you have no match set for Unbreakable, well thats about to change but for the moment I have something to say.

Ever since that bullshit at Purgatory two years ago all you done is brag about it, every chance you got you ran your mouth and its getting pretty fucking old. Before we had our match a few weeks ago I was going into that match with more respect for you than I had when you first started out, but you had to just throw that respect out the fucking window. Instead of a epic one on one clash years after our last fight, you brought your little lackey Willow with you. But now that I think about it, it showed me that you were afraid to fight me mono a mono, you needed Willow as an insurance policy. To distract the Ref, and when that didn’t work you tried a cheapshot with a chair. Even then it didn’t quite work out for you now did it.

You were so cocky with your tweets trying to get under my skin, i’ll admit when I pinned you I was was tempted to taunt you but I decided to be the bigger woman and just leave it at that. Leave it and move on. But it seemed that me beating you rattled you, you just couldn’t take the lost. Attack me backstage before I was set to fight Willow, soften me up for an easy win.

that pissed me off, then last week you had Hawkbitch do your dirty work. So what I tapped, but when it comes down to it everyone has to resort by taking the easy way out in a match against me, going for my knees.

Back to business Quinn, You have no match at Unbreakable see I already beat you in that rubber match so I have nothing to prove especially after all the shit you pulled during it. I have nothing to lose, but in the eyes of the CMV universe I don’t need to fight you, you need to fight me.

So Quinn how about it You and me at Unbreakable? Belt on the Line, I don’t need it but maybe it will shut you up should I take it from you.

Oh....By the way don’t bother sending Willow backstage to give me your answer......

Suddenly the Titantron cuts off, what Quinn didn’t realise was that Fury on the Titantron was actually a pre-recorded video. As the video rolled Fury motioning to the crowd to remain silent, made her way through the crowd, taking a mic and rolled into the ring behind Quinn. As the video finished she raised the mic to her lips and shouting.

Because I’m right here!!

(Open to Topher)

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Re: Why don't you put up or shut up!!

Post by 316topher on Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:25 pm

Quinn slowly looks over her shoulder with a look of disdain, she turns around but doesn't back down, instead walks up to Fury and holds the CMV Undisputed woman's Championship with a cheeky smirk.
Then walks over to the ropes and signals for a mic...

Quinn : Well, well, well if it aint my good pal Fury, how you doing..... Universe give it up for the one and only Fury, c'mon guys on your feet.

Quinn begins a slow-clap, as Fury looks on not amused.

Quinn : To quote The Joker..... "Why so serious".  I mean you made an impressive little video and tricked me, cuz look, you`re here,  you must be oh so proud.  You got me, well done, congrats.

Fine you want to be serious, so be it… What you call bullshit, I call the  start of my legacy…. You should be happy…. Seeing as It was you who I defeated at Purgatory inside Hell in a Cell to capture my 1st CMV title…. So for that I thank you….. But if you really think I need Willow or anyone to defeat you, then you`re a bigger fool than I thought, I’ve done it once and when it matters i`ll do it again.

To be honest I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all you so called “main eventers” thinking they can come out here and demand this and demand that, now you say I have something to prove….. Seriously, you think because you get one little insignificant victory over me makes you better than me, nah, sure that day was yours, I’ll give you that….. But it meant ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!! I’ve come out here shut down the Coopers, the Mavericks, the Pages, The Dynamites and everyone else in between….. I don’t need to prove anything, whilst I’ve been main eventing and forging my legacy in CMV what have you been doing…..Tapping out because you have shoddy knees, yet you have the nerve to call it cheap, honey, it`s called strategy… If your ego can’t help but to keep on fighting when you should retire then it’s your own god damn fault, of course everyone is gonna target your knees, I mean if you’re gonna come out here with a bulls-eye on them, then what did you expect.

Look Fury… I know you want that one big match…. That one big main event to redeem yourself, cuz lets face it, it’s eating you away that a woman like me, humiliated you a few years ago, you’ve counted the days for a redemption, but look at you, you’re falling apart, you need to go home, sort your knees out, I mean you want to be able to walk when you retire right, because at this rate if you keep fighting….. You’re gonna end up in a wheelchair for life.

Ok listen up, I’ll give you a beak, I’ll ask the CMV universe what they think ok, lets see what they have to say…

CMV Universe cheer as loud as you can if you think Fury should get a match at Unbreakable.

The Fans go wild as Quinn looks on….

Quinn : Wow…. You hear that Fury, I guess if the fans want it that bad, then at Unbreakable it’s gonna be The Alpha Female herself Fury going one on one against ……………… Willow….. hahahahahaha

The fans get on their feet and boo as loud as possible…

Quinn : What? I never said a match against me, you people are just as stupid as Fury here…. She don’t deserve to face me, not tonight, not tomorrow and most definitely not at Unbreakable….. I’m the Champ, don’t you or anyone else forget it.

Quinn holds up the title once again with that cheeky grin upon her face as Fury is set to attack….

When all of a sudden…..

-----------Open to Miz---------------

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Re: Why don't you put up or shut up!!

Post by Miztacular on Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:31 am

The crowd rise to their feet in a standing ovation for the current Ferocity General Manager Laura Sampson-Schmidt who makes her way out from the back to a seemingly curious reaction from both Quinn and Fury in the ring, interested to see what way Laura goes on this decision. With the microphone in her hand she begins to make her way down the ramp towards the ring, she makes her way up the steps, glancing into the eyes of both of the competitors who await her in the ring, Quinn, with her CMV Women's Undisputed Championship over her shoulder backs up to the corner stepping out of the way of the Ferocity General Manager, while Fury on the other hand takes a step back and leans against the ropes. Laura stands in between the two of them, looking back and forth for a moment before speaking into her microphone.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
Now hold on one second you two! You don't make the matches around here, not you Fury, and not you either Quinn. Just because you hold that belt doesn't mean you run the show, and just because you think you're some sort of tough girl, doesn't mean you run the show either. I'm not afraid of either of you, so lets get that clear before we get started here. Because ladies, to be quite frank, I'm getting rather tired. I'm getting rather tired of the veterans of this division showing me no respect. Running around like they own the place just because they've been in CMV longer than me. Well let me just take a second to let you both know, that everytime one of you disrespects me, you're just filling up my bubble, and one of these days, it's going to bust. I'm not out here to pick fights, I'm not out here to be biased. But yet for some reason so many of you Vixens call me out, throw your blame on me. You two have been among the most outspoken towards me.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt turns towards The Alpha Female, Fury, who sizes her up with a smirk, refusing to take Laura's words as a serious threat. Feeling the size advantage, Laura however, stares right through her, as she continues to talk.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
So let's start with you Fury, for months you've been coming at me, throwing some shade. Blaming me for your losses. Is it my fault you decide to stay out here and fight with an OBVIOUS weakness? We've offered you treatment for your knee's. You best wipe that smile off of your face right now. None of your shortcomings are on me, I'm not the one in the ring with you making you lose, because at the end of the day it's down to you and the opponent in there. Stop saying I'm working against you, do you even hear yourself when you talk, how absurd is that?! Why would I try to sabotage one of my stars! In the future, take the blame for your own shortcomings and stop making excuses!

Quinn lets off a little giggle in the corner, Fury, steps off the ropes looking to pick a fight with Quinn right here right now, but Laura raises an arm stopping her in her tracks before turning to Quinn, where she looked to give her some words.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
What are you laughing at little lady?! You're no different! Constantly going on about how the CMV Brass doesn't appreciate you, doesn't respect you. Do I have to publicly release the pay checks?! You're being well invested for your services here in CMV and time and time again I have given you opportunities to increase your brand. But instead of thanking me, you come out here and run your mouth and blame me for any and all of your short comings.

Well tonight it stops, not just for the two of you, but for all of you. If I have to play the tough, moody bitch General Manager, then I will! It's in your hands. Because I am just tired of being disrespected when I'm out here, working my ass off as General Manager for our fans! For the both of you, and all of the Vixens in the back!

Up until now, I've been a nice, forgiving boss, and I'll continue to be. But, I'm going to give the both of you a taste of what WILL happen if you all continue down this route. You both make spectaular points, Fury, you did beat Quinn on the season premiere. But yes, Quinn has been able to better you in every other circumstance. So here's what I'm going to do. BOTH OF YOU, are not going to get what you want. Fury, you're not fighting Quinn for the Championship. Quinn, you're not hiding behind Willow. Because ladies and gentlemen, at UnBreakable. Fury and Quinn will indeed face each other, but it won't be for the belt. Fury and Quinn will go toe to toe in an IRON WOMAN MATCH! If Fury pulls of the win, she'll get the Title Match at the following Pay Per View, Revelations. If Quinn wins, Fury will go to the back of the line. But, buuuut! I know your game Quinn, if I see Willow get involved in any way, shape, or form in your match. Fury will get the title match anyway, AND she'll be the one picking the stipulation. How's that for size, neither of you are the bookers, you'll do what I want! Not what you want!

Laura Sampson-Schmidt makes her way across the ring, exiting through the middle rope where she turns back, facing both Vixens in the ring one more time.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt:
Next time, think before you go around disrespecting the one who pays your bills.

Laura drops the microphone to the floor and makes her way to the back as her theme once again hits the PA system, leaving both Fury and Quinn in the ring, they get up in eachothers faces for a moment, before Quinn pulls the belt off from her shoulder and raises it high into the air, smiling at Fury as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Why don't you put up or shut up!!

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