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No Longer A Circus Act! (Strongman Bull Promo)

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No Longer A Circus Act! (Strongman Bull Promo)

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:19 am

*During The Unmatched Commercial A Pre Taped Segment Backstage Airs*-

*-Photos Of The Circus's Best Moments Appear In Flames One By One...The Camera Fades To Black And After A Moment Of Silence Cuts To A Room Barley Lit Where The Audience Can Just And So View The Silhouette Of Strongman,Who Sits Still In A Chair That Faces The Wall*-

Are You Ready...No Longer Am I Trapped...No Longer Will You Misconceive Me As A Circus Act. With The Strings No Longer Attached To The People I Considered 'Brothers' No Longer Am I A Puppet Nor A Hitman Employed To Do The Dirty Work Of Others. IAM FREE..

*Bull Bellows This.It Is Apparent This Speech Is A Long Time Coming*-
*There Is A Moment Of Pause As Bull Regains His Breath And Regroups His Words*-

They Left Me For Dead, There Too Fixated Among There Feud Centred Around Egocentric Mentality And Leadership That They Simply Dismissed And Forgot About The One That Served Them Greatest.
In A Weird And Truly Bizarre Twist However This...Its Motivated Me. Iam A Nobody...The Only Thing I Have Had And The Thing Ive Clinged Onto For Years Upon End Is The Nostalgia Of The Circus. Without That...Iam A Nobody...

*Bull Stands Up And Ferociously Throws The Chair Across The Room*- He Takes The Camera From The Producer And Points The Lens At Himself. In A Soft Tone Seemingly More Composed Now He Begins To Speak Oncemore.

A Resurgence...A Resurrection. A Conquest... Starting Now Im Going To Carve A Name, Build A Legacy All By Myself... THE CHAINS ARE OFF....
All Them Accolades I Helped Luther And Parker Gain I Will Gain For Myself...Anyone And I Mean Anyone Who Stands In My Path Will Soon Come To The Realisation Of Why Iam Pound For Pound THEE Strongest Man In CMV. Its About Time I Live Up To That Moniker. Prepare For A Renaissance!


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