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Bounce Back

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Bounce Back

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:41 am

The lights are shining and the pyro is erupting on stage as the cameras pan over the sea of fans all excited for this edition of Friday Night Genesis. As the smoke from the fireworks begin to fade, the lights dim and the PA System lights up with...

The crowds boo at the sight of the former Alpha World Champion, and Kliq member, Bob Luger. He comes out in his snazzy blazer and $6000 shades, oddly sporting a smile. He bangs his head to the sick beat of the theme song as he walks down the ramp with pep in his step. As he reaches the ring, he smacks the canvas from the outside before hopping up on the apron and slipping through the middle rope. Once in the ring, he situates his jacket to rid it of any creases and then holds his hand out over the ropes, signaling for a microphone in which he is given one.

Bob Luger
Miss me?

He shares a mocking smirk with the crowd as they continue to boo him. He of course is amused by their hatred towards him. It almost fuels him to be even worse.

Bob Luger

Oh please you all boo me because you're not me. You see the difference between you all and I is that I actually did something about my dreams. You just settled with desk jobs and flipping burgers because by that name most of you didn't know what a rubber was and already had 4 kids to support. You all lack inner strength which is why you're out there in the bleachers and i'm out here in the spotlight making more in one week than most of you make in a month.

He continues to laugh at the heat coming off from the crowd.

Bob Luger

Boo all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that i'm better than every single one of you. Let it sink in that I can beat you all up if I wanted to. Fortunately for you all though, i'm not out here to pick a fight with the haters. I'm here to address the situation that everyone has been talking about.

He clears his throat.

Bob Luger
I took last week off to collect my thoughts and you know what?

He smiles.

Bob Luger
I'm not even upset that MLP cashed in on me and stole what was mine.

The fans cheer at the mention of the surprising cash in.

Bob Luger
Not upset about that, what i'm upset about is the fact that everybody thinks that i'm just gonna step aside and let a thief run this brand. That's not gonna happen. What part of Kliq Rulz do you all not understand? Kliq Rulz now and always. We didn't just surface this brotherhood to take an L and go home. You all focus on the letter L while I have my sights set on the letter R. R for Rematch Clause. That's right. That's why i'm not upset that MLP cashed in on me. Because now I get the opportunity to send a strong and clear message to the entire Genesis Roster what happens when you steal from me. I get to show them what Kliq is all about all over again. We snap arms and take belts and at Exodus, I am taking my belt back and leaving MLP in the pool of obscurity that he belongs in. He had his minute of fame. He just made the mistake at doing it at my expense.

He pauses for a second to add effect to his speech.

Bob Luger
He jumped out of the kiddie leagues too soon and decided to pick a fight with the biggest guy in the yard. Now I gotta drop him on his head and bury his career beneath the foundation that Kliq has built. Exodus will be the end of Michael Lee Pratt and the beginning of....

Before he can continue, he's cut off by...

[Open to Maurie]


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Re: Bounce Back

Post by Maurie on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:27 am

There is an immediate crowd pop when the man of the hour, Elijah Stewart, comes from behind the curtains with an unpleasant, angry smile on his face. He rushes the ring and gets his microphone ready for the verbal reaction from Deathwish.


Nah, nah, nah. Nah, you’re delusional as all living hell if you thought I was gonna lie back while you try and take the easier route to the belt. Not only did you not face me one on one, but you were too chicken shit to even pin me at Deathwish. Even with the two of your ass-kissing puppets couldn’t keep me down that easy. So what I want is for you to bring your dumbass robe. Bring your dumbass haircut. And cash in your dumbass rematch clause, at the same time as me.

The crowd cheers at the idea of MLP vs Bob Luger vs Elijah Stewart for the title.

Bob. LUGER! You look at me when I’m talking to you. I’m not gonna be that kid that saw you as a pushover anymore at the next ppv. I’m gonna be an assassin with a huge target on your head. So while you and your boys play dress up and pretend to be champs, I’ll show you the power of having actual heart in a battle when I rip mine out and beat you over the head with it. Only then would you be covered in blood without it being a stubbed toe.

(Open to Dashing)

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Re: Bounce Back

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:19 pm

The attention of Luger and Eli is brought off of each other and up towards the stage, as the CMV Alpha World champion, MLP, walks out from the back with a smile on his face, the belt draped over his left shoulder and a mic in his left hand. He allows the fans to tire themselves out, chanting his name over and over again, he looks down at the two men in the ring and laughs, nodding his head.

So, you both want a shot at MY title?

Bob points up at Pratt and shouts, "I deserve it!" Stewart just eyeing the prize that's over the champ's arm, a hunger radiating from deep inside of him.

Okay, okay ... Then I'll take you both on!

The crowd pops the loudest that it has tonight, getting their wish for this stacked triple threat match.

And I'll-

But Lee is silenced by the sound of another's theme blasting over the PA system; Tim LaFave!!! Timmy comes around the corner and removes his hat from atop his head, looking MLP in the eyes and offering a handshake. The champion takes a deep breath and accepts, the CMV universe enjoying the sportsmanship while Luger rolls his eyes and Eli leans up against the ropes, eager to see what Tim has to say.

Thanks, Michael. After last week you most definitely earned my respect. But other than that handshake, I'm out here for a reason, and that reason is, despite my loss to you last week, I'm fully committed this season to once again becoming the CMV Alpha World champion. You, Eli and I, we all have one thing in common, well, two, respect, and we ain't too keen on The KLIQ sticking around. A war is raging, sides are being chosen, but even still, that gold is in the forefront of my mind. So, I know that some may not deem me worthy, but I'm asking you, MLP, to allow me to compete for that championship, ONE SHOT, what do you say?

Lee scratches his beard while Bob rants and raves in the ring for him to say no, Stewart with his hands on his hips, seemingly on the fence about the idea.

I say ... The more ... THE MERRIER!!!

Another roar from the crowd shakes the arena here in Las Vegas, Nevada, a fatal-way match for the CMV Alpha World title has been set.

See you boys at Exodus ...

Pratt shines his pearly whites and takes off to the back as his music hits, Tim staring down at Luger and then aknowleding Stewart's presense with a nod. The Work Ethic Titan kicks the bottom rope, jumping to the outside of the ring he mumbles and slams a fist down onto the announce table, The Good Vibes Kid mean while cheering with the crowd, hyping them up as Genesis cuts to it's opening video ...

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Re: Bounce Back

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