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The New BrEED

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The New BrEED

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:13 pm

As Genesis returns from commercial break, and we find Jon Reed searching backstage, and look of worry on his face. He turns a corner and see Chris Andrews, he let's out a sigh oh releaf. He hastefully walks up to the Bloody Brit.

Jon Reed:
Chris, I need to talk to you about the X Gen Classic.

Brit :
Woah there Jon, Before you say what ya got to say, I don't have any beef with ya, hell i'm not too impressed that once again i'm being teamed up with someone.... But if it means capturing more gold, then i'm all for it.

Jon Reed:
I'm sorry I can't be your partner, I'm not stable...

He coughs heavily, interrupting himself. He regains his composure, but the devilish smirk is painted across his face.

Jon Reed:
Ah. That little punk was about to screw this up. Oh Chris, it's a pleasure to meet you I'm...

Reed begins to cough again, this time when he regains his composure, the devilish smirk on his face had disappeared.

Jon Reed:
Oh no, Chris, you need to go to Cass and ask for a new partner, cause I can't control the thing inside me. It won't stop, until it's wins. At any cost. So please, you need a new partner.

He coughs again, and the devilish smirk returns.

Jon Reed:
Don't listen to him, Me and You, the New BrEED of Tag Team wrestling. We can be the ones making history. What you say?

Brit : ............... 2 secs, gonna need some more lagers to get my head round this one.......... (Brit downs a lager, well 2 but still)....... Ok....Ok ..... Well i've seen it all..... Hell my 1st tag partner was Mad Man Mike Miles, the stories i could tell you about him..... Then there was Parker, he sure was one odd mofo, stealing my title and running off with it after i had just captured it, bloody clowns ffs.....Oh, we can't forget about Beer Pressure can we, I mean Rex Carter of all people, I didn't  understand a word that pillock was saying....and last but not least my biggest rival in CMV Paul mother fucking Divine, where do i start with him..... Listen, i don't care what you're going through, ain't no way in hell i'm going to go see Timmy Boy's Mom to change my partner, Not like me and Tim are on good terms if you know what i mean.....So BrEED is it......Who The hell comes up with these tag names for me and all my tag partners.....If i ever find out, that bitch is getting some Revenge, ya hear me. .... Whatever  Reed, none of that matters, you ....me.... BrEED.... Fine..... You bring what ever personality you want, i'll just kick ass and we'll win, deal.

Jon shakes Chris's Hand, and chuckles a bit.

Jon Reed:
Excellent. See ya Saturday.

Jon begins to walk away, and as he turns the corner, he coughs heavily, as the devilish smirk disappears.

Jon Reed:
What happen.

Jon this time switches instantly,

Jon Reed:
I've made a deal with Andrews. Welcome to the BrEED, you sure you don't want to just give me control. You already said you was.

The smirk disappears.

Jon Reed:
I did. I still need to do something before you take over.[/quote]

Brit is seen walking away, downing another lager...


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