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The 1st Battle

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The 1st Battle

Post by Jay Davis on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:32 pm

As the match between Champ and Rook ended, Sakura just sits in the ring, pounding at the mat, mad at himself for the pitiful act of response to Omega Lee. But as he recounts the steps, the PA System begins playing a new tune, with a new titantron. Other’s would be confused, and so would Sakura. But it isn’t long until the French Catalyst of CMV, James Spenz, or more known as “Lola”. The flamboyant frenchman got into the ring, looking at the Japanese man in the ring, smiling. He get’s in the ring, with Sakura getting up, seeing as he’s taking this as a challenge.  

Oh Congratulations, baby!! You lost!! How epically surreal for you!! Oh...that’s right, you’re not happy for losses. You think every loss you get is a stepping stone down back to the asscrack of CMV’s illustrious backside….like mine….

He then gives Gedo a wink, with Sakura just looking at the young Frenchmen, chuckling.

But this isn’t the time nor place to get into “details”....what I want is a match with you at Ground Zero. For a true debut for the flamboyant beauté moi-même.

You...You have it….I accept….

He bows to the Frenchmen, which then makes a pose, bowing a bit in response to the counter-response.

Au revoir Birdie

James then gives Sakura a slight kiss from his hands, before leaving the ring, with a discomforted Sakura in the ring...

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