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Knights in Shining Armor (OPEN TO WOLF OR/AND KLIQ)

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Knights in Shining Armor (OPEN TO WOLF OR/AND KLIQ)

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:10 pm

As Friday Night Genesis continues, the PA System begins playing as the returning Lucha Legend comes out to the ovation of fans, cheering on the hero!! He gives the fans high-fives and hugs, before finally making it to the ring.

¿Qué pasa, amigos?

The fans emerge their level of cheering to a maximum, the arena shaking at the sheer amount of cheering for the Luchador.

Good!! Very good!! Now on the more enthusiastic points. Like tonight, when my compañero and I fight off the devilish lobos that are the Kliq. These dirty players know the game inside and out, but there’s one thing they don’t have: A win over the two knights in shining armor!! The two desperados!! Over ME!! And I know that that boiled both of their bloodstreams and so, they took me out of the game because of their belated egos!! But now, Joshua, we have a chance to finally dig the dagger in more with this win and hell even maybe a tag title shot. And they we’ll kill the pack off for good.

The crowd start chanting “Kill the Pack” numerous times, with EGF giving the hype to the crowd, cheering them on.

And I’ll make sure to ship those dogs off to sea, back to irrelevancy. Back to CMV’s Graveyard!! And I’ll make sure every rat, roach, and rodent on the namesake of CMV get’s dealt with. ‘Fore I am the Lucha Legend, the Mystic of Japan!! I AM REY FURIOSO!!

The crowd continue to cheer on the Puerto-Rican raised champion!! The Japanese Superman!! The Lucha Legend himself, Rey Furioso...

“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

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Charlie Garfield:
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Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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Re: Knights in Shining Armor (OPEN TO WOLF OR/AND KLIQ)

Post by Solaris Arc on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:34 pm

As Furioso was continuing to be cheered on, the lights began to slowly flicker on and off. The crowd cheering loudly as the lights completely shut off. Then silence.... Ear Piercing silence.... Even the crowd was quiet, with an uneasy feeling. And then...

The crowd erupted in joy as the bright lights flashed on, blinding those around flashed onto Josh Wolf. He slowly raised his arms, qwith chains in hand. Something was different, however. He clearly wasn't happy about his loss a few days earlier, and was seeking some kind of vengance. He slowly made his way down to the ring and rolled in, staring Rey down. The two continued to stare as Wolf slowly raised his hand for a shake. Rey happily accepted it as the crowd cheered.

Wolf took Rey's mic and smiled.

Wolf: It's good to finally see a friendly face again... Especially after the hell that has been the last four weeks. I'm happy that you're back, Furioso, but you and I both know that now isn't the time for catching up.... Now's the time to stick it back to these men, to put them down where they belong.

Wolf slowly wandered over to the turnbuckle, sitting atop of it with a sigh.

Wolf: Luger will go down in history as one of the shortest reigning champions in CMV History after what happened last Sunday... And such an embarassment is well deserved.... I guess that's why he's not here.............
Luger.... I know you're watching this, wherever you are tonight. I'm just saying.... Neither I, Rey, Tim, MLP, Elijah, or anyone in Genesis is going to let you live that moment down.... Nor are we going to let this War end... Even if we lose a thousand times to you, we are still going to keep coming back, and coming back, and coming back, and. Coming. Back..... To kill you and your legacy.

All it takes for us is one moment... One win... One fatal blow... But until you grow a pair of balls and come fight us... We'll just simply tear through your friends... We've beaten you once.... We'll do it again.

Wolf rolled the mic back over to Rey, keeping his seat on the turnbuckle.

(Open. Either back to Rey or Kliq.)


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Re: Knights in Shining Armor (OPEN TO WOLF OR/AND KLIQ)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:53 am

But before Rey could say another word, the big screen comes to life with the image of Slate and Borton rolling their eyes simultaneously, Xander scoffing as the World Tag Team titles sit snug on either man's right shoulder.

These clowns again.

The circus is on UnMatched, boys, best go catch the train.

They 2Sweet each other, smirking with content.

So, it's us against you tonight in a rematch, eh? The last time that happened, it didn't end so well for you, [enter first name here] Furioso. You may have gotten the lucky win, but we were the ones who left standing!

And the same will be said after we leave you two idiots dead in the center of the ring here in- ... What god awful city are we in again?

It doesn't matter, all that does is that The KLIQ is making moves and changing the landscape of Friday night Genesis and CMV as a whole. And anyone who doesn't fall in line, IE, you two morons, will be subject to my fist in your face! Wolf, Rey, and to Tim, Eljah and MLP too, this isn't your show, this isn't the fans show, it's OUR show! You'll keep getting back up? We'll keep knocking your asses down, until you learn like good little boys who is in charge!

US! As the NEW ... C ... M ... V ... WORLD ... TAG ... TEAM ... CHAMPIONS!!! Luger is out, but he'll be back, and Rhys is in, he won't be the last! You're either with us, or against us, but to be on our side, you have to bee a good brother, and you two are far from the mark!

Tonight, it'll be too sweet when we bash your heads in and take yet another step towards our goal of complete and utter domination. And to show you JUST how confident we really are, we talked it over, and if you can somehow weasel out another fluke victory, we'll give you a shot at our titles come Exodus. Because we're ... Well, just better than you, sorry honey, and we'll prove that, as if it needs to be proven, later on tonight.


Once more they 2Sweet as the feed cuts away and Wolf looks at Rey, both men now with something even more to fight for tonight, the show breaking for commercial.

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Re: Knights in Shining Armor (OPEN TO WOLF OR/AND KLIQ)

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