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What the Shanaz?

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What the Shanaz?

Post by DullChameleon on Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:45 pm

The camera opens to reveal Shanaz sitting at a kitchen table with his oldest friends - Miljana, Veronica, and Saveriu.  Shanaz stares dreamily before him.  His face looks extraordinarily youthful and innocent.  A shyly eager, trusting smile is on his lips as he talks aloud to himself.  The others pay little attention, focused on reading a newspaper or drinking a coffee or looking at fingernails.

Shanaz had a little chatty chat chatson with Shanaz mentor Father Andrea, special famous priest in land of honeymilk.  He is so sweet and good, like big bowl of vanilla ice cream on sunny day.  He saint on earth.  He more saint than Breezy Drew.  Shanaz love Father Andrea dearly and nearly.  Maybe Shanaz bit naughty, but Shanaz love friend more than he love evil twin brother or more than he love old hummy mummy.  Popsy Andrea always understand Shanaz, before Shanaz even open mouth to say “Hello favorite priest” or “Time for chess and tea old mister”.  His kindy bluey eyes look right into Shanaz heart, see heart beating for wrestletime and for chicken leash and for iron mine and for long books of Asia love poems.  Shanaz keep no secret gardens from oshkoshmygosh priest.  Shanaz couldn’t lie to Fandrea even if Shanaz feel mean and grumpsy.  

Shanaz gives a little toss of his head - with girlish pique

But this oddjob time, Shanaz think Papa Smurf priest not so understandy bandy this time.  Shanaz tell him, Shanaz want to become celeb fame bird watcher after achieve grande ariana wrestle success.  Shanaz explain Shanaz pray to Blessed Thoth to make Shanaz surey sure, to find Shanaz worthy of shiny binoculars and little green notebook with nice pencil to write name of bird Shanaz see and maybe draw special picture of bird with happy face.  Shanaz tell priesty dad Shanaz had vision when Shanaz was on little island in lake celebrate national island in lake day.  Shanaz say that sure as Shanaz knew he was sit on bench eating honeybun, Blessed Thoth fly down and smile and bless Shanaz with Oh yes Shanaz, you be big bird watcher and learn climb tree and see bird from above and change birdwatch game and make amazing little happy face picture with nice pencil.  But frowny Father say “Maybe your imagination is playing tricks on you again Shanaz, my son”.  Priest in east say “If you are so certain that you want to become a birdwatcher of some note, you wouldn’t mind putting yourself to the test after you finish with your wrestling career, and try living like other retired wrestlers live.  You know, like making appearances all over the world for your adoring public and selling t-shirts online.  And then, if after a year or two you still find a need to become a birdwatching afficiando, you come back to see me and we will talk it over again.”

Shanaz tosses his head - indignantly

Shanaz never think that Mr. Dad would give such advice!  Shanaz was more shocked than when he plug fork into wall and jump back with electric current and hair smoke.  Shanaz say that Shanaz will do anything that mentor of life suggest but Shanaz know that saying hi to fans after wrestle mestle and sell great t-shirts just big waste of time.  Shanaz love birds.  After Shanaz left, Shanaz feel all mixed up, so Shanaz come to empty ring and sit inside and pray to Lovely Palaestra and Shanaz find peace because lovely goddess hear Shanaz prayer and say “I always love you Shanaz.  You Palaestra favorite wrestler.  Even more than Mr. Bingo or Hopscotch Nifty or The Coyote.  All famous wrestler of days yore but I love you Shanaz most.”  And Shanaz know that she never let Shanaz be hurt in wrestlering or in birdtree and Shanaz never lose faith.  

Shanaz pauses and a look of growing uneasiness comes over his face.  He passes a hand over his forehead as if brushing cobwebs from his brain - vaguely.  

This was allball years ago six.  Long longjohn time ago in winter of discontent.  Then in spring of discontent something happen to Shanaz.  Shanaz remember.  Shanaz fell in love with CMV and was so happy for a time.  And then Shanaz begin wrestle Matt Devious.  And he never become a birdboy.

Shanaz stares before him in a sad dream.  Miljana stirs in his chair.  Veronica and Saveriu remain motionless.

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Re: What the Shanaz?

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:13 pm

What a trip I was just taken on, one of your best yet, Dull, lol, we need that Shanaz bird watching attire asap.

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