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A Rocky Start

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A Rocky Start

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:55 pm

*After her grueling brawl with retaining Hardcore Champion Ally Cage we find a Christy Norrie on the table of the trainers room, nursing her head with am ice pack as Scott Lawson enters the room to get a statement*

Christy if I could get a moment of your time, I'd like to ask you about your match tonight?

*Christy sits up keeping the ice pack held on her head*

Christ, kin yi nae see ah'm kinda sare 'ere? Yir lucky Connor isnae here or 'eed throw yi through 'at bloody windae. Fine mak' it quick ah'm waitin' fir ih trainer ti come tak' mih tae the hospital onywhy.

Lawson: Uhh, hospital?

*Christy scrunches up her face and looks angrily at Scott*

Christy: Fuckin' aye hospital! Ah jist got DDT'd on fuckin' concrete! They need tae mak' sure I dinna hae ah concusion.

Scott: Right, sorry. Uhm last week you had some strong words for your match tonight, do you think despite the loss you've made an impression on the CMV Universe?

Christy: Sure despite the loss ah 'hink ah raised a few eyebrows here. I mean what mah second match back and I stood toe ti toe with the longest reigning Hardcore Champion, I nearly had her ah couple of times too, 'ats sure tae catch peoples attention. If it wiznae for getting my heed dropped on solid concrete ah'm sure ah coulda pulled through. But like they say ivry loss is an opportunity ti learn and grow, this may be a setback bit ah'm jist gettin' started.

Trainer: Mrs. Norrie the car is ready.

Christy: Now if yi'll excuse me...

Lawson: Of course, Christy thank you for your time, back to you at ringside.

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