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Hail Storm

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Hail Storm

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:20 pm

Right hood, left jab, back and forth, Archer Vaugn and Shiloh Gray, are beating the hell out of each other at the bottom of the ramp, with Logan Hail atop the stage, shaking his head, obviously upset that his debut was soiled by these two rivals tearing each other apart. Archer shoves Shiloh back-first into the ring apron, a scream of pure agony echoing throughout the arena as he then knees Gray in the gut, allowing him to fall to the ground. Archer takes a step back please with his handy work, when he's distracted by the crowd erupting with cheers, it's Hail; coming back down the ramp with a steel chair in hand! Before Vaugn knows what hit him, well, the chair does, right on the back of the head; SMACK!

He drops to the floor unconscious, but Logan is far from done, he lifts The Key to his feet and throws him into the ring, and to the fans' chagrin, does the same to Shiloh! Hail follows suit, the well-traveled competitor stalking Gray who wobbles to his feet and as he turns around is caught with crack to midsection, putting him on all fours as he gasps for breath. If that wasn't bad enough, another hit is brought down with force to Shiloh's back, he writes in pain, flopping like a fish out of water, the audience now booing Hail heavily, but he just smirks, throwing the chair to the canvas and then making his over to Vaugn, who is still lying motionless.

He once more brings him to a vertical base, before drilling him head first to the mat with a wicked looking DDT onto the chair!!! Pleased now with his destruction, Logan runs a hand through his hair, sighing with relief as his music hits the PA system. He stares into the hard camera among the mayhem and smiles bright, letting everyone know that he is not to be trifled with ...

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