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Just .... Insane ....

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Just .... Insane ....

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:03 pm

"What a night of action we've had tonight! But up next guys our MAIN EVENT of the evening, all six men who are looking to compete inside the Elimination Chamber at Requiem for the CMV Undisputed Championship will collide tonight, in six man tag team action!"

The camera pans around this hot Fusion crowd as we await the entrance music for the competitors in tonights Main Event to hit the PA System. Several moments pass to the sound of nothing, the crowd begins to simmer down in confusion, speaking amongst themselves, fueled by curiosity as to what must be holding up the show? Finally the thoughts of this Indianapolis crowd are answered as the Titantron buzzes, showing nothing but static across the screen.

"Looks like we must have some technical difficulties here guys, I'm not too sure what is going on here"

Everyone in the arena, from the crowd to the commentary team are confused, not sure what to think, not sure quite how to perceive the static rippling across the Titantron, an ominous buzzing sound echoing around this packed arena. Several moments go by once again as the crowd along with everyone else in the arena wait nervously. Curiosity and concern running through the minds of the millions watching around the show, what has happened to the show? What could be the cause of this? Finally some clarity is given as a voice blares out around the arena.

Ladies and Gentlemen. In two weeks. At Requiem. The six men you are about to witness in tonights Main Event will collide in the most life changing structure known to man, the Elimination Chamber. But that's not even the big story, the big newscast. No. The groundbreaking news is what happens AFTER Requiem, what happens to the winner.

If we take a look at all 6 of these men, there's one thing they all have in common. They aren't legends, they aren't people the CMV Universe would consider world beaters. I'm not wrong? You put any single one of those six men in the ring with Justin Sane, Hayden, Brett Angel, Sunshine. They'll be the underdog and they'll be the underdog by quite a large margin. Because, while they may hold belts, they may hold a briefcase, they may hold anything you deem prestigious. There's one thing they don't hold.


All six of these men lack one thing that will forever separate them from being a CMV great. That one big win. This Chamber, I'm sorry to say, will not be that big win they're looking for. But lemme give you all something just a little bit extra to fight for. The chance to become a legend, the chance to become one of the immortals in CMV. Because the winner of that Chamber will have a target on their back, and I'm aiming down the sights. Who am I? You'll find out soon enough. But it's time for change. For too long the belt has made it's holder, when it should be the holder who makes the belt, this hasn't been the case for a long time, but after Requiem, the path to greatness will be clear because I will be one my way to yet another Championship belt.

It's almost a god damn guarantee. None of these six have anything to offer me, none of these six are true Champions. Paul Divine is nothing more than a multi-time transitional Champion who has never been more than the third man in X-Gen. Jacob Ziegler and Shane Scott, arguably the favorites for this match, but the fans don't do the work for you, you can have one fan or a billion. But what I do know is, if your career highlight is holding an Anarchy Championship for a couple of months your career is nothing but forgettable, and the fact that Shane Scott is little more than Zieglers sidekick, well, there isn't much more to say there.

Brody Sampson? A man who is where he is because of his father, he's the dumb, talentless kid on the team who's only there because his father is the manager. Don't get me started on Travis King. A fake force. A man who made it to the top of Fusion when Fusion was at it's weakest, a cat can be dominant over a group of mice, but when a dog comes along the cat goes running. Last and equally least, we have the voice of the people, Voice Vindy, a man who ran from the brand that built him because the competition was getting too hot, a man who ran from a lowly developmental call up.

None of these six men worry me, for when it all comes down to it, on the fallout of Requiem when this all falls together they'll all fall like the rest, they'll all be remembered as a transitional Champion when I return and retake the reigns that I GAVE away. I allowed others to rise to the top, but now I'm back and all of you can get back in line and I'll start knocking you all down. I'm not focused on who walks out of Requiem as Champion, because any of them would be an Injustice to that Championship.

The Fusion Undisputed Championship has been shrouded with a thick cloud of smoke for sometime now, but after Requiem, we will be one step closer to restoring order. Ladies and Gentlemen.

It'll be Just ... Insane ....

The titantron cuts to black immediately leaving the crowd in awe, in confusion, as we prepare for tonight's Main Event of the evening, many questions left unanswered.

(All credit to a certain someone ...)

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Re: Just .... Insane ....

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:11 pm

tongue tongue tongue

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Re: Just .... Insane ....

Post by Alveuss on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:31 am

It's okay. Its just gonna be a whole bunch of learning experiences.

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Re: Just .... Insane ....

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