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CAW BIO: Megan Cooper

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CAW BIO: Megan Cooper

Post by Miztacular on Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:47 am

Personal Profile
Name: Megan Cooper
Age: 20
Billed From: Greenwich, Connecticut
Currently Resides in: N/A
Affiliation: Tweener
Gimmick: Rebel
Current Allies: N/A
Current Enemies: Darrell Richards
Signature Maneuvers: Various Punch combinations and cheap shots, Uppercunt, Downward Spiral, Long Road Home


Megan Cooper grew up in one of the higher class areas of the United States, Greenwich Connecticut, her parents were very wealthy, and so she was spoiled growing up, at first, just like any child she enjoyed having what she wanted, whenever she wanted it, but it was around the age of 15 where she began to realize just how snobby, just how ignorant her parents were. It was at this point where her life began to go down a downward spiral, she didn't listen to her parents and she dropped out of school, with no direction, she'd spend her days roaming the streets of Connecticut, but as much of a badass as she acted, she was still innocent on the inside. Sure she would fight all comers, she'd take on boys and girls alike, but deep down, all she wanted was more attention. The more she craved it, the darker her life became, at one point she was arrested by the police for sneaking into a bar and picking a fight with the bartender for not serving her, she was 16 at this point.

However due to her parents incredible wealth, she was always bailed out of any trouble she got herself into. Towards the latter end of the year, she picked a fight she couldn't win, as four men on the outskirts of the city damn near killed her, and probably would've got the job done if it wasn't for the passing Darrell Richards who fought off the attackers and brought Megan back home safe. It was at this point that Megan convinced her parents to let Darrell stay with them. Her parents lover Darrell, and treated him like a son, which caused Megan to continue to fall down a downward spiral, but she tried to put her troubles aside to help Darrell get through his drug problems.

Both of them grew through their issues together really. Around two years after Darrell living with them, Megan starting seeing him behind her parents back, she had never been in a relationship before, other than a short lived bisexual affair in attempt to get the attention of her liberal parents, but it wasn't long lasted. However, the relationship between her and Darrell, it was different. But it had to remain a secret, as her parents would never accept it. Darrell wasn't exactly a good influence on Megan, as being with him allowed her to get into all sorts of bars and other places she would not be able to get into on her own. They actually picked up a bit of a reputation for picking fights in bars and coming out on top, Darrell even taught Megan to fight in their spare time. But while their relationship was special, it was about to take a terrible turn.

One day, Megan's father, Montgomery, had had enough of Megan, she was giving the family a bad name, with her piercings, and her constant collisions with the law, she wasn't as allusive as Darrell you see, he'd often get away with it, but Megan, she was never a good liar, she was too innocent for that. So one day, Montgomery lashed out, it was pure frustration, and it was an accident. He was riddled with guilt, but that didn't matter, because Darrell lunged, beating her father to pulp, breaking his nose, his jaw, everything. He would fall into a coma, while Darrell would go on to get 14 months in prison, only to be let out after 8 months for good behavior. During his time in prison, Megan's father had died, and she had been forced to move out of her mothers home, she was completely cut off, living on her own, at the age of 20, living paycheck by paycheck.

When Darrell got out, he moved back in with her, but it wasn't the same, she no longer wanted to live with him, but she had no choice, she'd barely survive on her own, so she had no other choice but to live with Darrell. But prison had changed him, he used to be soft towards her, now, the closest thing to intimacy she'd get would be the beatings Darrell would bring if he was having a bad day. Until one day, she ran off, to sign with CMV, leaving Darrell in the dark. One can only assume that Darrell isn't far behind though.

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