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Bad Blood at Ground Zero

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Bad Blood at Ground Zero

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:21 pm

We are taken to the interview area backstage where we see Vitor Belfort Jr. preparing for an interview with Scott Lawson, but before either man can say a word The Diamond Howard Phillips interupts.

Howard: Ah Mr. Belfort just the man I was looking for. Just as Mr. Hardway learnt last week injustices will not go unpunished, which is why it has been indicated to me by my client that he would like to extend a challenge to you, a match this Sunday at Ground Zero.

*Vitor squares up to Howard but before he can say a word the sound of steel screams out as Kevin Payne smashes a chair across the back of Vitor Belfort. Belfort crumbles to the ground as Payne smashes the chair over Belfort over and over again. Payne throws down the chair as Howard lifts Belfort from the ground and restrains him as Payne grabs Vitors face and begins to speak*

Payne: Not so much fun being on thr other side of things huh tough guy? Well as they say an ey for sn eye boy and I'm here to get mine!

*Before The Diamonds can do what ever they had planned next, Jacob Hardway runs in coming to Belforts aid slamming Paynes head into the monitor behind them and begins throwing hard rights at Howard causing him to release Belfort who begins exchaging punches with Payne. All four men are brawling for a few moments before Eric Matthews comes in and begins to speak as security restrains all four men.

Matthews: All right, all right, knock it off *Kevin atempts to struggle free* I saif KNOCK IT OFF! *after a brief pause to regain his composure Matthews continues to speak.* Ok, I've got enough things to worry about right now without dealing with insabordinate suprestars. You all want each other so bad bad? Fine. Here's what we're gonna do. Ground Zero, Howard Phillips and Kevin Payne vs. Vitor Belfort Jr. And Jacob Hardway... and since you all want each other so bad it'll be No Disqualifications, Falls Count Anywhere, Tornado Tag Team Match. Tear each other apart for all I care. Now security escort these men back to their locker rooms and patrol them I don't want any of these men anywhere near each other before Sunday, got it?

Security Guards: Yes Sir!

*security escorts the two teams away as the camera zooms in on Mstthews rubbing his temples before groaning in annoyance as Unmatched cuts to commercial.*

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