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Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies.

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Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies.

Post by Miztacular on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:48 am

Moments after Quantum has finished his victory speech and has made his way to the back, we are left with nothing but a downed Chet Taylor in the center of the ring, that is until the theme of the current UnMatched General Manager hits the PA System, looking to possibly follow up on his warning to Syndicate last week.

Moments later, to a roar from the crowd, Eric Matthews makes his way out from the back, Chet Taylors signature bat equipped in one hand, hung over his shoulder, and a microphone equipped in the other. Matthews with a look of malicious intent on his face makes his way down the ramp, in one of the few occurrences where he doesn't acknowledge the crowd, simply focused on delivering on his promise to Chet. Matthews wastes little time sliding into the ring and standing over the downed former Tag Team and Anarchy Champion, looking down upon him like a Lion about to devour it's prey.

Eric Matthews:
What did I tell you Chet?! This is my world! My Show! My being!

Eric Matthews brings down the bat across the back of Chet who wails in pain, Matthews lets out a little grin before continuing on.

Eric Matthews:
Look what you've brought out of me Chet, a fire, and it's all yours to deal with! You wanted this Chet! You wanted war, well now you've gotten it and there's no backing down. I've always had your number buddy. From the very moment you stepped into this brand I've had you on your back looking up at the lights multiple times and you've had no answer to me. The only thing that's changed now is that you have convinced two other fools to follow your footsteps. I had you easy Chet, so you can send your boys after me too, but it won't amount to anything more than a beating for them too. The only time Aaron Waite has beaten me was after a war with Bolstad to earn a shot at his title. He struggled even then. I don't fear you, any of you, so you can come out here and one by one you'll be..

Matthews once again swings the baseball bat down across the back of Chet Taylor.

Eric Matthews:
Laid Out!

And again with the swing.

Eric Matthews:

And again.

Eric Matthews:

And once more for good measure.

Eric Matthews:

So Chet. I'm going to give you a chance, a chance to end this, a chance to put this all in the past. But I know you need this more than me, so you're doing it on my terms or you're not doing it at all, and each week will end up like this, a beating to you or one of your guys, as a reminder that you do not get on my bad side. I'm a nice guy, I always have been, these fans know that, I know that, and you know that. Which is why you must realise how far you've gone to push me to this.

Matthews throws the bat to the outside of the ring before making his way out of the ring himself. Standing now on the floor below, pressing on.

Eric Matthews:
You see I could stay in that ring with you Chet, but I'm not stupid, I'm not falling into your trap, I'm not going to stay in that ring long enough for your boys to jump me. Nah, we play this my way or the high way.

Matthews turns away and makes his way up the ramp, continuing to talk to Chet as he walks.

Eric Matthews:
Which is exactly why, Chet, if you want me in this ring, if you want to put this to rest, if you want a chance at getting one of these three wins back in your favour, you'll sign the dotted line and do it my way.

Eric Matthews stops at the top of the ramp.

Eric Matthews:
We'll do it, at Ground Zero, and to make sure none of your petty henchmen get involved, because we wouldn't want that now would we? It will be, inside... HELL, IN A CELL! So Chet, pack your bags, hit the gym and prepare yourself in anyway you can, because this isn't my first rodeo inside the structure and I know exactly what it entails. You won't be walking out the same man.. But.. Maybe that's a good thing. I will see you soon Chet, and boy am I looking forward to putting you down, because you know what they say. Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies.

Eric Matthews drops the microphone on the stage and begins to make his way to the back as his theme hits the PA System once more.

-Open to Gent or the segment fades to black with Chet left in the ring.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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