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CAW BIO: Darrell Richards

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CAW BIO: Darrell Richards

Post by Miztacular on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:46 am

Personal Profile
Name: Darrell Richards
Age: 25
Billed From: The East Side
Currently Resides in: Greenwich, Connecticut
Affiliation: Heel
Gimmick: Rough Guy from the streets
Current Allies: N/A
Current Enemies: Megan Cooper
Signature Maneuvers: Various punch combinations, East to West Plex, Barrel Shot


Darrell grew up in a poor household, but he didn't let that dampen his spirits, as he grew up, other kids started to make fun of him, he never had good clothes, good toys, new tech. Nah, he was poor, but one day, at the age of 12, he said "fuck it" and socked some kid in the face with a swift uppercut, he'd grown tired of the crap people were giving him. He thought his parents would take his side, and they did at first, but as the years went on and the punishments got more severe, his parents gave up trying to defend him. At the age of 18, his parents finally snapped, he got into an argument, his mother slapped him right across the face. But deep down inside, he knew, he could never hit his mother. When his father got home that night, he went to town on Darrell, beating him down in the dining room, busting him open, his mother was screaming, Darrell wouldn't fight back, he'd always been a strong believer in family. After his father gave up with the pummeling, he told him he had 24 hours to move out. Darrell left within the hour, only taking his iPod and his music with him. This is when he got his first tattoo, a Scorpion along his spine, with the pincers surrounding the word "family". Family is the backbone of any man, and while it can sting, they'll always be there for you.

Darrell spent the next four years of his life moving around the US, until he finally settled down in Connecticut. Greenwich Connecticut. Darrell had not forgotten his family, or his childhood. He believed he'd be nothing like his father when he grew up, but around the age of 20, he got caught up in the wrong group of people, and fell into a drug habit. It took him four years to come clean, thanks to the help of his now ex girlfriend, Megan Cooper. Who convinced her parents to take him in at the age of 21 and give him a loving home in Greenwich Connecticut. The Cooper family were good to Darrell, and gave him the life he never had, however behind the parents back, a relationship brewed between the young Megan Cooper and Darrell, who after being together for a year, got him off of the drugs, and into a job, he was earning good money too, he always was good with words, he spent six months writing music for various companies, both the lyrics and the chords themselves.

However, two months before Darrell turned 25, he got into some trouble with the law, you see, while Megan's parents were amazing with Darrell, they never showed as much affection to their daughter Megan. One day, her father, Montgomery accidentally lashed out at Megan in frustration, and Darrell once again, lost it. He started beating down on Montgomery, breaking his nose and his jaw, almost killing the man. He went to prison for 8 months, and got let out four months early on good behavior. When he got out, it was not the same, Megan had been kicked out, and she was barely living in a small apartment by herself, and her father had died in hospital from the beating suffered. Her mother couldn't take it.

When Darrell got out, Megan couldn't forgive him, but she couldn't leave him either, she wasn't earning enough to live by herself, and her wealthy mother had cut her off, and so Darrell stayed with Megan, however prison changed him, he had become more like his father, he was prone to beating Megan if she didn't agree with him, but he knew she couldn't leave him. One day, Darrell came home from his community service, to find Megan had ran away, she had taken what she'd learned over the years and joined CMV, Darrell wasn't going to let this stand, so he followed suit, and here we are.

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