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A Towering Demand

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A Towering Demand

Post by Miztacular on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:58 am

-CMVWrestling.Com Exclusive-

We're taken backstage after Brody's impressive win over the current CMV Global Champion, Rage. Some shouting can be heard from outside the UnMatched General Manager, Eric Matthews' office and as we are taken inside the bickering is revealed to be coming from a back and forth discussion between Eric Matthews and Brody's manager, Wade Flannagan. Brody is stood tall behind Flannagan, his shadow looming over the UnMatched General Manager as the argument continues.

Wade Flannagan:
MY BEAST! MY TOWER OF DOMINANCE! Has not only beaten your former World Champion in Jaymes Landon Vain! But he has beaten your current Global Champion in Rage! THE MOST Dominant Global Champion in the belts history and for what?! To sit idly by and let Rage's Title Reign be padded once again with another easy defence?! What say you?!

Eric Matthews:
Look Wade, the match is set, I can't just pull D'Angelo St. Daniels from his Championship Match, a Championship Match he's OWED from losing out on a chance to Main Event iMPLOSION. Sure, Brody did something special, and maybe next month he can have the shot that he's earned.

Wade places buries his face in his palm before leaning forward, pressing his hands onto Matthews' desk, looking straight into the eyes of the UnMatched General Manager.

Wade Flannagan:
I don't think anyone on this roster, even Rage himself can deny that Brody deserves a shot at the Global Championship. He's sitting currently with 21 wins and 2 losses.. Do you know what that means Mr Matthews?

Before Matthews can answer Wade raises a finger into the air and continues on.

Wade Flannagan:
That would make his Win to Loss ratio a whooping 10.5 wins to every loss, there isn't a soul in CMV that can say that, not even the pride of the Women's Division, Jade Dynamite can say that. The Win to Loss ratio of Brody here makes hers look cute to say the least. Can you even attempt to deny that?

Eric Matthews:
Look, Wade, you can throw all the facts my way you want, I CANNOT PULL D'ANGELO! Do you not understand how unfair that would be of me Wade? He earned that shot when he essentially went through five of the top guys! FIVE!

Wade raises an eyebrow before looking up to a focused Brody Halleck who's eyes remain locked on Eric Matthews. Wade looks back to the general manager with a smile as once again begins to talk.

Wade Flannagan:
Woah, hold up there Eric. At what point did I profess the need to remove D'Angelo St. Daniels from the Championship Match? I don't recall requesting you do that. This man here, Brody Halleck, went through, not one, not two, but three men one after another at iMPLOSION and they all fell. Do you really believe he cares how many people are in the ring with him? I'm not asking you to remove St. Daniels, because when Brody beats not one, but two people to become Champion, he'll prove just how dominant he is.

Eric rubs his hand across his chin for a moment, speculating the idea of making the Championship Match a Triple Threat, however after a brief moment of thought, he shakes his head.

Eric Matthews:
I'm going to respectfully decline that offer Wade. D'Angelo has earned his shot, and I don't think Rage would be too pleased with a tri--

Wade Flannagan:
RAGE DOES NOT HAVE A SAY! He lost to Brody, if one beats the Champion they deserve a shot at the Champion, the very moment Rage's shoulders were pinned against the mat was the very moment he lost all say in the matter of his defence. You know my client winning the Global Championship is inevitable! I guess you just want to postpone his opportunity, because he's not one of your beloved UnMatched Superstars.

Wade shakes his head and turns away, gesturing for Brody to follow, however as he does Matthews rises to his feet and slams his hands on his desk.

Eric Matthews:

Wade smiles before turning back to Matthews, knowing he's more than likely gotten his way.

Eric Matthews:
How dare you imply I'm biased! I gave the Intensity Superstars equal chance of qualifying for that contenders match! UnMatched simply prevailed!

Wade Flannagan:
But where was Brody in this tag team match? Why did you opt for the lesser Intensity Superstars, Hardway, Payne, Vitor? All people who wouldn't last more than few minutes in the ring with the Tower of Dominance. You know what you did, you know why you picked who you picked, you wanted UnMatched to come out on top to further your agenda, to boost your ego..

Matthews lets out a scowling look on his face.

Eric Matthews:
Now that just isn't true! I want the Intensity Superstars to feel welcome, to give them equal opportunity!

Wade Flannagan:
Well then prove it, D'Angelo St. Daniels deserves it, as you've claimed, Brody deserves it, as you've claimed. Let them fight, if Brody wins, as we all expect, make it a triple threat, if DSD somehow, some way, pulls off a miraculous upset, Brody will sit aside and let this facade happen. Unless of course.. I'm right?

Eric Matthews sits back down in his chair, defeated...

Eric Matthews:
Fine, fine! Next week, the Co-Main Event, D'Angelo St. Daniels Vs Brody Halleck, for a chance to be added into the Global Championship Match...

Wade Flannagan:
I thought you'd come around.. Have a nice day.

The duo turn to leave the room leaving Matthews in a sour mood, he turns on the television which reveals the Quantum/Chet Taylor match about to start, he lets out a sigh.

Eric Matthews:
Time to get to work.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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