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King of THIS Ring

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King of THIS Ring

Post by RiftedEnergy on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:07 am

Quantum doesn't allow the ref the opportunity to touch him as he raises his own fist to finish the night.

"Now, before I start...."

Quantum begins to catch his breath while eying the stage.

"Let me begin by re-stating that this was promoted as a kind of King of The Ring final rematch? Non-Title, of course cuz... God-Forbid the "Runner-Up" to The King get a sneaky win o n the guy that actually did win, then turn around and become the champion?
What you might have been thinking is that ol' Chet Taylor gonna put a whoopin on The Champ and Tha Champ gon barely survive, then maybe you mighta seen ol Topsy sneakin round da corner...

Any second now, Tops, any... second... now?..

His eyes dart from the stage to each exit, each exit he had carefully eyed on the way in. He was not planning his escape, but rather planning his predators movements.

"Any second now, Tops... any chance, any moment you think might be right... won't be.
I'm waiting for you... and I'll always be waiting for you. But I won't play your silly game. I won't allow you to to think for a second I would or could be concerned about your.... brief..... case....
Because as far as I'm concerned, YOUR.. CASE... IS BRIEF!!!
If you want some, come get some. Any second, any moment, of any day. I stand here, as Champion, and you will not find me cowering while I hold This Championship. You know where to find me... And you'll always know where to find me.... any day, all day...
....standing as King of THIS Ring...  


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