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The Lava!

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The Lava!

Post by Decided Villain on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:01 pm

CMV Presents: Ferocity Ep. 30 (#289) (CMV EXCLUSIVE)

Jane Lucid is seen in the locker room with her tag partner Casey Wilson. Wilson is leaned up against a wall with her arms crossed as Lucid is pacing back and forth shaking her arm.

Jane Lucid : Ok... Deep breathes... We did good... Well we didn't... But we did. What went wrong? Ok uhhhh, we didn't plan on submissions. BUT we didn't get pinned! We improved right!? Yes! Ok good good. But we need to work on how to handle submission specialists! Now ahhhhh... What did she make me tap out with?

Casey Wilson : The Kimu...

Jane Lucid : THE KIMURA LOCK! Right ok so we need to learn that, as well as learn how to get out of that. We need something that'll make people scared of us when we step into the ring. WE NEED TO STRIKE FEAR INTO THE MINDS OF OUR ENEMIES. WE NEED TO MAKE THEM WALK ON LAVA. THE HOT, BURNING LAVA... Wait. Should we learn new tag submissions? Is that a thing? Oh my god. We just may be the best tag team in the company right now. Oh man. Ok what tag submissions would we do!? Double Octopus stretch! A Double Peruvian Necktie! The Double Gogoplata!... Thoughts?

Casey Wilson unfolds her arms and goes to speak. But instead walks out of the room,

Jane Lucid : Hey! Does that mean you want to train!? Does that mean it's a good idea!? Alright yeah! Let's go!

Camera fades to black.


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Re: The Lava!

Post by Miztacular on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:25 pm

I literally love this character

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Re: The Lava!

Post by 316topher on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:25 pm

loved this promo, the way you made her sound (well in my head) was funny

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Re: The Lava!

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