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Ragnarok Cometh Part I: The Ribbon Tears

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Ragnarok Cometh Part I: The Ribbon Tears

Post by Solaris Arc on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:03 am

Friday Night Genesis opened up with a scene of the parking lot as a limousine rushed in, quickly parking in it's reserved spot. The driver slowly exited the vehicle, walking over to the far back door. But, before he could open the door, it opened up hurriedly with the new Genesis General Manager Cass LaFave running out of the limousine and moving to the locker room. On her first night as GM of the yellow brand things were already falling apart. Someone in the locker room had caused a mass of chaos and security has been struggling calming the situation down.

The camera followed along with Cass as she finally reached the locker room door, The moment she reached out, a Long Beach PD Officer fell back from the door, falling onto the concrete floor unconscious. Cass looked down with a worried expression as she darted inside. She looked with a bit of shock as Josh Wolf stood in the center of the locker room, with knocked out wrestlers, security, and LBPD all lying and groaning out in pain. Wolf turned to Cass and slowly began walking toward her.

Josh Wolf: Where's Rhys?

Cass LaFave: Wolf, I don't kno-

Josh Wolf: No, I know that you know.... That piece of shit needs to be taught a proper lesson. I want his head on the hood of my damn car by the end of tonight!

Cass LaFave: Josh........ I-I really don't know where Rhys Matthews is... He isn't booked tonight.... Chances are he isn't even in the state.

Wolf popped his neck a bit, growling a bit as an officer slowly began to stir. He was on all fours, taking a few breaths. But by the time of his third inhale, he was met with Wolf's boot to the side of his face. The officer went right back to sleep, his head landing on a wrestler's shoulder with a snore. Cass quickly pulled Wolf away, a look of anger in her eyes.

Cass LaFave: That is enough Wolf! I know you're angry right now.... Every wrestler here has went through those times, even my own son had these same moments... You have to let it go.

Josh Wolf: Not until I get my hands on Rhys... I need to get back at him... He's costed me an important moment, just so he can be an idiot...

Cass LaFave: I understand that Wolf. But that doesn't mean you should go around attacking others to try and get your revenge.... Take the night off, Josh... Cool down and I'll try and make it up to you... I owe you a lot after what you've done to help me and my son, I'll find some way to do so.

Josh Wolf: You want to repay that debt? Give me a match.... Against Rhys Matthews. I don't care if it's at Deathwish or some random Genesis. Hell it can be a house show for all I care... But I want to destroy him.

Cass slowly nodded, taking a step back.

Cass LaFave: Alright.... I'll sign off on the match. Josh Wolf goes one-on-one against Rhys Matthews.

Josh Wolf: ....Not Josh Wolf.... Fenrir.... Fenrir versus Rhys Matthews....

Wolf slowly walked out of the locker room and down the hallway, with Cass watching carefully.

Cass LaFave: One more thing, Josh.... If this kind of 'incident' happens again... I won't tolerate you on my show with those actions... We're not Fusion, we don't act that way.

Wolf slowly walked off, not even paying attention to the statement as he walked off. Cass sighed as she helped a few of the wounded wake up and get ready for the night. The scene slowly faded to black and the opening theme began to play.


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Re: Ragnarok Cometh Part I: The Ribbon Tears

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:13 am

Loved it, was nice to see Cass bring up their history and why that's the only reason she was tolerating this outburst. Wolf can go from zero to one-hundred real quick, looking forward to him and Rhys finally meeting one on one

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Re: Ragnarok Cometh Part I: The Ribbon Tears

Post by Bloody_justice on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:31 pm

Hey not everyone on fusion is like that take the man known as bloody justice as example but I loved it to
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Re: Ragnarok Cometh Part I: The Ribbon Tears

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