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Are you not entertained

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Are you not entertained

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:06 pm

A large puff of smoke filters across the screen slowly as the camera opens to see Chet Taylor stood in a poorly lit room, he has a cigarette in his mouth and seems more irritated than usual. Cody Douglas stood behind him scowling, Aaron Waite just stands off to the side

Chet Taylor

He scoffs, taking his cigarette and looking at it.

Chet Taylor
I don’t believe in it. I don’t lay awake at night and think I’m destined for greater things. I didn’t look at Climb to Fame and call it fate, no no, I looked at Climb to Fame and saw opportunity. My victory there, it led me to the grand stage but only I’m at fault for my defeat. I step where I step, it was always going to be you, the stars were aligned, and you were the better man for once. Quantum, congratulations on getting that brass ring and you people, you loved every minute of it. You sat there glued to your television screens, watching, waiting, itching for the finality of it all. But now where do you stand, huh? You stand in front of me, ready to bend a knee and beg me to end your precious choice.

He takes a puff on his cigarette and thinks about it.

Chet Taylor
As if you even have one....Quantum, the People’s Choice, you didn’t choose Quantum. You didn’t choose him. You had him thrust upon you, force fed to you like medicine you just didn’t wanna take. Yet you took it, you swallowed it whole and now, once again, you didn’t choose him. You did however choose me to step into the ring with him. How funny. Ain’t it funny how these things make sense, huh? Ain’t it funny how the whole world looks at you like a treasure but if somethin’ were to happen, if you were to break down into itty bitty pieces, no-one would really care. Those people you think adore you, they don’t adore you man. They don’t....
Self-reflection is a tool that not everyone uses, but lately, it’s all I have been doing. Because the past makes us who we are today. It’s funny. One day you’re on top of the world and the next thing you know everything changes for the worse. 

Chet rubs the back his neck remembering Quantum dropping him on a chair.

Chet Taylor
To survive in a world, in a landscape that changes at my very feet, one must be deceptive, man. When our own senses blindfold us, in a world presented to us in lies and deceit, in a physical form, inches from our face, we must slither in the grass with snakes. The snake doesn’t care about your history. The snake doesn’t care about your endangerment, your pride or your fall, man. The snake lives to feed, the snake slithers in the grass, spineless to strike, to hit you where it hurts most, where you least expect it.

Shaking his head. Chet takes the cigarette and flicks it across the room hitting the camera.

Chet Taylor
You people don’t question the world around you, you don’t look in the grass for snakes. You take everything at face value, because that’s the way this works, isn’t it? You drones sit there with your eyes closed, refusing to wake up and see. You had no choice in Quantum. You had no say, no discussion, no opinion that mattered. Do you think you have love for him because you decided it so?

He shakes his head.

Chet Taylor
The machine chose him from a grand list of perpetrators and said ‘you, mindless sheep, support him’ and you accepted him with open arms. You believed. How could you not? He was the horse you decided to back but this race, it ain’t a one horse run, man and you only backed who you were told. You have my new good friend Aaron Waite here who hasn't had his fair shake at getting the gold after a "misunderstanding" . He is slowly realizing what we are all about! He’s beginning to wake up slowly! He, like all of you, can be saved.

Chet Taylor
Now that horse has left its stable for mine. While THAT horse stands to be put down and you know I will, I’m telling me you so. Just when you think you know the answers, I don’t even have to change the questions. No no, you let the system do that for you. Quantum is being fed to an angry Chet Taylor and if you think ANYONE’s hand will be raised but mine, you’re even more deluded that I thought.

He shrugs.

Chet Taylor
Are you not entertained?

Asked with a smile.

Chet Taylor
Oh you will be


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Re: Are you not entertained

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:57 pm

Idk how I ended up on this promo, trying to go to sleep and just browsing ish, we all know my famous saying of, "I don't read NXT promos" and I usually don't. But I did read this one, and I gotta say Gent, it was fucking trash.

Jk, I liked it man, I found myself actually agreeing with Chet on a lot of what he was preaching lol. I might like the old Chet more, but this was dope, fam, future champ.

K let's go back to hating each other.

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