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No More Fake News

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No More Fake News

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:47 am

Waite's theme hits the PA System after tapping out his adversary, Bryan Sanders on tonights episode of UnMatched, after releasing the hold he falls to his knees looking to recompose himself after this falls count anywhere war he just went through with Sanders. Waite remains there a moment taking some deep breathes, reaching out an arm to grab onto the ropes and pull himself back up to his feet. As he staggers back to his feet, he turns to the ramp, nodding his head, satisfied with his debut on the new season, his return to UnMatched after a long stay on Intensity. Hover before he can leave the ring, a familiar theme hits the PA System.

The crowd leaps to their feet in anticipation for the UnMatched General Manager Eric Matthews, Waites nodding, his feeling of satisfaction turns into a scowl as he backs away from the ropes, fists clenched in the center of the ring preparing for a fight after what he and the rest of Syndicate did to the former two time World Champion turned General Manager, moments go by and Eric Matthews remains unseen, a frustrated Waite in the center of the ring begins calling his name, beckoning him down to the ring so he can get his hands on him. Moments go by, Waite's eyes still fixated on the stage as the crowd pops again, Eric Matthews, the UnMatched General Manager is running through the crowd! He leaps the barricade and slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Feeling his presence, Aaron Waite slowly turns around to a malicious clothesline from the UnMatched General Manager! Waite however quickly recovers to his feet only to be caught off guard by another clothesline!

Realizing he's not in the best position to get into a fight with Matthews, Waite slips out of the ring down by the announce table, and attempts to make his way around the ring towards the ramp. But Matthews is having none of it, cutting him off where he stands, Waite immediately turns around and high tails it back into the ring under the bottom ropes where Matthews follows. But Waite was ready for him, bringing down his boot onto the General Manager as he slides under the bottom rope. With the General Manager down, Waite begins to mercilessly stomp on the back of the head of Matthews, over and over again bringing his boot down on the skull. He stops for a moment, letting out a deep breath, taunting the crowd before turning around, grabbing Eric Matthews to the air and connecting with his patented flatliner! Grounding the UnMatched General Manager, Waite shakes his head in pity before leaving the ring, looking to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area, he returns to the ring with his smug sense of satisfaction once again as he peers over the downed Eric Matthews, he walks across the ring to face the crowd, and just as he is about to talk the crowd begins to cheer once more. Waite, with confused look on his face slowly turns around to see Eric Matthews back on one knee, Aaron utters something under his breath as he makes his way across the ring towards Matthews only to be struck across the stomach with a sharp elbow right on the solar plexus! Winding Waite long enough for Matthews to rise to his feet and crack Aaron across the chin with a right hook! Dazed and confused Waite bounces off of the ropes, looking to connect with a clothesline but wanders wide after Eric steps out of the way, Waite stumbles as he turns around to another punch to the face! Stunning him long enough for Matthews to pick Waite up onto his shoulders and connect with a TKO! Flooring the former Global Champion. Eric Matthews raises a fist high into the air as the crowd awards him a standing ovation. He walks across the ring to pick up the aforementioned microphone that Waite had received from the time keepers area and brings it up to his mouth as he stares at the downed Aaron Waite.

Eric Matthews:
Look at you! Look at what you've become! You were never a good guy Waite, but, this is a new low. Giving into the pressure and joining these rag tag band of goons. Joining these bitter old fashioned wrestlers who haven't kept up with the new era. Claiming to be the last hope for wrestling, when in reality they are nothing more than the last relic of an old era. Is this how low you've stooped Aaron! I thought you were greatness at it's greatest?! Greatness at it's Greatest huh? The greatest wouldn't need men backing him up, the greatest can do it himself. But you Waite? You're despicable..

Eric Matthews looks away from Aaron Waite and into the hard camera as he continues to talk into the microphone.

Eric Matthews:
Attacking people, this isn't who I am, you all know that, but I simply cannot let this injustice go unpunished, they declared WAR last week when they, unlike the rest of the Intensity roster, made it a mission to attack me, to attack UnMatched! Well I will not let that stand, I CANNOT, let that stand. So, Chet, Cody, Aaron.. If you want to play it this way I'll happily oblige. If you want to go dirty, if you want to go down that route I'll follow, but it will be all of you that regret the path you've chosen. I think the three of you forget who I am, what I've done, just because I've been out of the ring.

Well Chet...

I'm the one that beat your ass, not once, not twice, but three times. Inside the Royal Rumble Match, under Extreme Rules, and in a Tables Match. This beef between us became personal a long time ago when you forced my protoge into retirement. You say I crossed the line, well son, you crossed the line a long time ago and it's about time you got your comeuppance. Listen to me Chet Taylor. Listen and listen hard. This is the REAL NEWS! You stood in this ring last week, spoke as if you were the boogeyman, that you could be in each and every corner, hiding in wait, ready to strike. Well lemme tell you something jack! This arena, this show, is my home. These corners you claim to be hiding in, they're my corners, It's not me who'll be on the look out for you, hell no, I've handled you on mutliple occasions Chet..

It should be you who looks out for me! I won't let you get away with what you did on Intensity, I won't let you get your master plan underway, I will not stop until you concede! That's a matter of--

The lights flicker in and out as per usual for a brief moment before coming back on, revealing Cody Douglas and Chet Taylor in the ring with Waite recovering to his feet. However Matthews expected this, having already rolled to the outside of the ring, he looks back into the ring at the trio with a smile, doing well to cover up any self doubt he may have about his chances against this trio.

-Open to Gent/Aaron
Segment fades to black

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