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A DIAMOND Avenger, and a PUNISHing Update.

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A DIAMOND Avenger, and a PUNISHing Update.

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:14 am

Scott Lawson: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, The Diamond, Howard Phillips.

*Howard steps into the frame, taping up his fists.*

Lawson: Mr. Phillips, the question on everyone wants to ask you right now is, you claimed to have retired, why are you getting in the ring tonight with Jacob Hardway?

Howard: True enough, on this occasion I may have jumped the gun on my retirement plans, I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. I thought it would be much easier to aquire clients to become Diamonds and although I have my eye on a few select individuals, the candidates are few and far between, as we are on the subject my offer to Marko Punish still stands, given his condition I will not push for an answer until he is up and running again As for my status, I guess then you can consider me a "part timer" as it were, I will wrestle when I feel it is necissary to do so. And so, tonights necessity is to avenge the travesty that took place last week, when my client was unfairly placed in a handicap match as "punshment" for loosing a TAG TEAM match. I hope Mr. Belfort and Mr. Hardway are proud of themselves, any fool can win a hanicap match, my clients bravery outweighs their pointless victory. These men were in a TAG TEAM if anyone is to blame for their failures they should look in a mirror, although they probavly shouldn't as tgey would most likely break said mirror. None the less Mr. Harway I hope you enjoyed your meaning less victory for tonight I am about to teach you that you sir, are not worthy of being a Diamond, you sir are not even worthy of being coal, you sir are dirt, and I plan on burying you.

Lawson: Strong words Mr. Phillips. You mention Marko Punish, who of course was run over in the arena parking lot just a couple of weeks ago, we've had no word on this, as a perspective client have you any news?

Howard: I have been in contact and I personally have hired the best medical officers available and they have informed me of Mr. Punishs' condition; Mr. Punish has suffered severe neck trauma, and a broken collar bone. The collar bone itself will heal with time and excersize but unfortunately Mr. Punish will require surgery on his neck and will unfortunately not be back in CMV for quite some time. For the purpotraitors of this heinous act let it be known, I have a vast wealth and not only am I payibg for Mr. Punishs'  medical care I am using them to fully investigate this situation and you will be found and dealt with accordingly. Mr. Lawson, I have a match to prepare for so if you'll excuse me.

*Howard walks off as Scott Lawson brings is back to ringside.*

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Re: A DIAMOND Avenger, and a PUNISHing Update.

Post by Miztacular on Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:27 pm

RIP Marko, right in the feels Sad pls chill

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