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As I Fall in the Darkness

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As I Fall in the Darkness

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:35 pm

As Genesis returns from commercial break, we find Jon Prior to his Anarchy Championship match. He is in a dark room and a dim light barely allowing Jon to be seen. His hair is in his face, with smirks as if he knows Alister watching this.

Jon Reed:
Alister, a mysterious man, that comes from the shadows of the night. Taking the breathe of his victims before taking opportunity that were mine.  I beat Jaquan, that Anarchy Championship Match on the season finale, it should have been one on one. But No. You some how weaseled your way into it.

He steps back, and with his hands pushes his hair to the side looking like he normally does.

Jon Reed:
No, he deserved to be in it, the crowd were supporting him. He a deserving Anarchy Champion. I am glad that the fans voted me in this match, I know that it will be a go... Ahhh.

Jon grips his hair as he screams almost as if he is struggling within himself.

Jon Reed:
He didn't deserve it, I do.  We gone through foes likes of Shiloh, Fusion, Guri. We gone through friends like Crowe, Kiava. We even went through our brother Caleb. We are deserving on this match. They fans may have voted it but We... Ah...

Again Reed screams in pain as he fixes his hair.

Jon Reed:
Why am I saying we. No. Not this. I thought I buried these thoughts when I embraced the CMV Universe.

He screams and messes up his hair.

Jon Reed:
You can bury demons, but you can't bury Angels. Especially a fallen angel. Ahhh...

He screams again, fixing his hair once agian.

Jon Reed:
No. That life is behind me. This can't be, it been silent for month. What could have... Wait.

Jon froze for a few seconds, and the look as if he just realized why he here voices.

Jon Reed:
It was you. It was you Alister. The voice came back when you locked the Censorship in. You... You... Unlocked the cage. Alister I need you to know. That when we meet tonight, what I do to you, it not gonna be the voice in control of me. I will be in full control, taking the Anarchy Championship to it new home, as I Fall in the Darkness, you will Fall from Grace.

The screen faded to the Announcers table where we see Mr.

Mr. Dashing:
Jon, seems to be hearing voices. I don't know if that would be a benefit of an Anarchy Rulez Match or not, I guess what ever he does, he can blame it on the voice in his head. But that's later tonight, we got some action coming up.


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Re: As I Fall in the Darkness

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:36 pm

Interesting development here for Reed, I'm looking forward to how he progresses

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