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No More Questions

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No More Questions

Post by Tim on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:23 am

Nick Blake is found once again by Lisa Evans pacing backstage before an interview. Unfortunately, she has been tasked to ask a few questions with Blake and after last time, her nervousness is at a fever pitch. She slowly slides next to Blake, who again hasn't noticed her.

Lisa Evans
M, M, Mr. B, Blake...

Abruptly Blake stops pacing, his back still to Lisa, his head slowly turns toward her a look of absolute distaste and anger across his face.

What... the hell... do you want... this time...?

I, I, I, I have to ask you some, q, q--

Nick grabs the microphone out of Lisa hand and he gets very close to the camera.

No questions! Just facts.
Flasshy you're a dead man. I strive to rise back to the pinnacle of success every day. After that faithful night at Anarchy Rulz, where I failed my cash-in. And I was saddled with that legendary status as the only superstar to fail a Money in the Bank cash-in, I have been fighting and clawing, and grinding to get back where I was. And just when I'm on the cusp of that success. An International title shot. Some no-sense, green-ass, garbage, punk-kid, rookie ruins it for me... Lemme tell you something!

Tonight... You.

Nicholas spikes the microphone on the ground, breaking it. Blake gets close to Lisa and points to her. He thinks for moment.

No more questions...

Blake then walks out of the shot with a shaken Lisa left to think about what could of been
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Re: No More Questions

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:51 pm

I like this rugged, aggressive vet angle you're playing with Blake, keep it up, good read <3

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