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Shanaz has a think

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Shanaz has a think

Post by DullChameleon on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:37 pm

The camera opens to reveal a lonely country road.  Suddenly Shanaz appears next to the camera and peers into it.

Come with me friendy wendys, Shanaz discuss much and smoke Cuba cigar on sunset stroll.  

He begins to walk down the road.  The camera follows.  There is a different mood to this encounter with Shanaz.  He seems to be more pensive, less enthusiastic.  Dressed in a heavy black coat and wrapped in a black scarf, Shanaz looks downright depressed.  It begins to rain lightly giving the whole encounter a dream-like feel.  Shanaz takes us up over a small hill.  He sits on a bench and pats the seat for us to join him.  We do.  He points down into the valley we have recently come from.  A few lights twinkle in the gathering gloom, farmhouses dotting the otherwise empty landscape.  

This is one of Shanaz favorite thinking hat place.  Shanaz once had first date here with Whale Princess Diana, but Shanaz ears not large enough.  Ah me.  Just over here where Shanaz flim fam have dead houses and Shanaz come to chatty chatty bang bang with old aunties and uncles and gramalams and granddaddies.  

Shanaz points and we look over to see a small cemetery.  A few people are gathered around the entrance to a largish mauseoleum.  Shanaz get up and looks at the camera.

Today sad happy day for Shanaz.  Ahnaz Shandoni die this week.  Fell down iron shaft while iron shirt.  Survive fall but iron fell on head and Ahnaz no more.  So Shanaz sad because brother die and he have Shanaz favorite iron.  But Shanaz happy because Ahnaz so evil.  So evil he once buy big box of talcum powder and then climb tree and wait all night.  Then when sun risey rise, Ahnaz pour all talcum powder on newspaper boy when he deliver newspaper.  Newspaper boy spent all day washing shirt.  Ahnaz laugh and go to bar and have Shirley Temple.  Ahnaz that kind of evil.  But Shanaz honor family custom and approach Ahnaz death day.  But Shanaz know he have huffle puffle ten-four roger match with Mister Deviant this week.  So Shanaz focus.  But Shanaz hurting like time Shanaz start hot air balloon company and become big happy friendly company but then one time, Shanaz land balloon and everyone get out, but when Shanaz get out he trip and bump elbow on rock.  Not funny bone.  So Shanaz warn Moffy Tedious that when bell go ding a ling a ling a long, Shanaz be ready like kangaroo boxer against rhinocerous.  Shanaz be ready like Freddy all dressed up in shiny suit.  Shanaz be ready like roni a rice.  So Monty Skeevious, Shanaz warn.  Shanaz be ready.  Shanaz be grievy and teary.  But Shanaz be there.  

Shanaz walks towards the group of mourners.  He shakes a hand or two, hugs another.  We watch as the group hoists the bier of Ahnaz Shandoni on their shoulders and walks into the mausoleum.  A dead march. Exeunt, bearing off the dead body; after which a peal of ordnance is shot off

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Re: Shanaz has a think

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:01 pm

Rip Ahnaz, unique and as beautiful as always Dull, I look forward to Andoni's progression this season

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