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Fighting Spirit!!

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Fighting Spirit!!

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:36 am

Monday Night Fusion Episode 101 begins!! Live from Austin, Texas!! The crowd going insane as they should be!! But as the fans endured their cheers for a second, Jay Davis’ theme comes upon the arena, as the man himself, walks out, wearing a slink. The fans pray and hope that he isn’t coming out to do what they think he’s gonna do. The Irishman walks into the ring, wearing his prestigious Light Heavyweight Championship. He then smiles, while looking at it, until he turns his attention to the crowd.


And as those words came out, the fans go insane with cheers for the Irishman himself.

Wow, ain’t this something. Being in the heart of the USA. I wouldn’t imagine coming to Austin, Texas for a second in my life. I wouldn’t imagine coming to America of all places, me being a small Irish boy back in the day. But now, it’s happened. I’ve been all over the world, from Japan to Texas!!

The crowd cheer and clap on the LHW Champion, as Davis brings it all in.

That’s what I like to hear. But I’m afraid I have some bad news.

So the 1st episode of Monday Night Fusion begins, the main event commences. I was trading blows with this monster of a man named Travis King. And in the middle of the match, he had me in an alley-loop, where my arm landed differently on the rope, along with my head. So not only do I have a minor whiplash, but in the moment, I did not realize I popped out my shoulder.

The crowd crowe in shock, as the Irishman showed an X-Ray of his shoulder, pull mildly out of the socket. The crowd are in shock, tearing up at what is soon to be the last words of Jay Davis in a CMV Ring

The doctor said I should lay off the sports and stuff for at least 6-8 weeks, being as it was a minor tear in the middle of the popping out. I just need to tend to it, per-say. But that ain’t happening. And I don’t care what some doctor has to say, I’m going to fight for THIS CHAMPIONSHIP AND FOR YOU PEOPLE!! AND I DON’T CARE WHETHER I’M BEATEN TO A BLOODY PULP OR EVEN IF I’M DEAD, I’M GONNA CONTINUE TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT AND THAT IS FOR YOU PEOPLE!!

The crowd gives off a humongous pop for the Irish-Born Superstar, as he puts his championship up in the air

I’ve given all I got on Genesis, but now, I can make a new start on Fusion AS YOUR LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! And I plan on keeping this title for a long time. But now faces the question of who’s gonna come after MY championship. So the lovely contenders for my title want to come out, it’d be much appreciated.


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Re: Fighting Spirit!!

Post by Alveuss on Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:11 am

Oh my god, nobody cares…

Immediately, as if waiting for the moment Jay shuts up, one half of Bad Men Inc. in Andrew Briggs walks out from the back with a microphone in hand.

Andrew Briggs
Genuinely Jay, absolutely nobody cares. You seem to be under the impression that these people here are hanging off your every word but open your eyes man. All asses are in seats out here, not a single solitary man, woman or child gives a single shit what you have to say.

Still walking down the ramp towards Jay while he speaks, small sections off the fans clap for what Briggs just said. They’re hardly jumping up and down cheering for the man as the obviously don’t care much for him either but they at least can appreciate him telling their Light Heavyweight Champion what’s what. As Briggs gets to the bottom of the ramp he turns and walks up the stairs, entering the ring. Defiant, Jay stands his ground in the centre of the ring for a moment before realising he can’t fight right now in his condition so he slightly backs off, giving Briggs his space.

Andrew Briggs
Wow, so much for all that talk just mere moments ago huh? Smart move boy, maybe you’re not completely delusional after all. Maybe. Eh scratch that, you absolutely are. See because you are somehow under the impression that you’ll be keeping hold of that title right there beyond Requiem but I hate to break it to you… No actually I really don’t, I’m happy to break it to you, there is no way in hell that is going to happen. There was next to no chance of it happening before but now that you’ve gone and broken yourself while trying to fight with the big kids, I’m afraid you’re just shit outta luck.

Briggs takes another step towards Jay however this time Jay stands his ground. Surprised at this, Briggs lets slip a chuckle and brushes his hand across the title draped across Jay’s shoulder causing the Irish man to pull away.

Andrew Briggs
What you afraid of little Jay? Scared that big bad Briggs is gonna steal your title? You should be. Twice I have held that championship, I’d say it’s about damn time I make it a third don’t you think? That’s right because at Requiem, dear rebel heart, you will be going one on one with yours truly and believe me, you better hope you recover by then because if you don’t, I will not hesitate to tear your scrawny little arm off completely and slap you around with it. Who knows, maybe that’ll knock some sense into you.

Proud of himself, Briggs stands with a grin smacked across his face looking directly at Jay. For a moment Jay angrily stares back before being caught off guard by what just made itself comfortable on the shoulder of Briggs. Andrew doesn’t even realise at first until he hears members of the audience laughing at him, as soon as he does though he almost jumps out of his skin as an owl flies off of his arm, flapping wildly as if it got a fright too as it flies off to the other side of the ring. As Briggs turns to see what the hell just happened he is greeted with the former Light Heavyweight Champion, Rubik, who holds out his arm for the owl to land on which it does.

Andrew Briggs
What the hell!?

Rubik, barely paying attention, softly strokes the owl and smiles before giving it a little kiss on the head.

Andrew Briggs
Hey guy I’m talking to you!

Briggs angrily storms over to the Brazilian who puts his hand out to stop Andrew in his tracks. He then signals for Briggs to hold up the microphone for him but is refused. Having no idea what’s going on, Briggs throws the mic down to the side causing Rubik to give him the old judgmental stink eye before walking across to Jay and asking for him to hold up his mic for him. Having absolutely no idea what’s going on, Jay obliges.

Thank you very much. You can pet her if you like, no sudden movements though she’s easily spooked.

Jay shakes his head and signals down to his other arm in the sling showing that he can’t, he seems sad in doing so though, clearly he wants to. Bewildered across the ring, Briggs starts yelling again causing Rubik to take notice.

Guy can you chill for a second, Jesus. Why you so mad? For a man who just announced he has a title shot you do not seem very happy at all. It makes my job awkward now though because I planned on you being at least a little bit happy before ruining your mood.

Rubik goes back to petting the owl and smiling until it pecks his finger causing him to pull away and give it a look of pure betrayal. Briggs is growing sick of this as he once again begins storming towards Rubik. As he gets close however the owl begins to once again flap its wings wildly, giving both Briggs as well as Jay a fright.

Fine, clearly your mood isn’t going to get better so I’ll just go ahead and come out with it shall I? Don’t worry, you still have your title shot. You were wrong when you said you would be going one on one with dear Jay however…

Briggs is about to lose his shit and he starts screaming and yelling again while throwing his arms all over the place pointing and the two men and the bird. Both Rubik and Jay stand there with blank faces staring at him.

You were so happy just a minute ago guy you need to calm the bean. It’s only little old me that’ll be joining you guys in the match, come on… It’ll be fun. We can all have a grand old time.

Briggs continues as he seen that coming a mile off, Jay however didn’t as he now pulls the mic suddenly away from Rubik. He should’ve listened to Rubik earlier though as the sudden movement spooks the owl causing it to lash out at the Irishman, clawing him in the eye before taking off across the ring. Rubik not wanting to lose his owl gives chase to the bird as it flies in a circle around the ring. Jay crumbles down to the mat in the corner moaning and clutching his face in pain all the while Briggs is still losing his shit in the centre. The audience are in stitches at the scenes playing out in front of them as the lights dim and a theme hits the pa system.

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Re: Fighting Spirit!!

Post by KinZil on Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:52 am

....And that theme is Kendall Wolfe's! The lone soul walks out to face the audience and the men in the ring with a mic in hand, a mostly positive reception from the CMV Universe! Wolfe looks at the owl, who is going bezerk, to which his response is a belly laugh heard across the arena.

Kendall Wolfe

Heh, cute owl. Really....REALLY-- god, such a cute owl. But cute only gets you so far, Rubik. Same goes for flashy moves. But some people seem immune to good advice, and I'm dishing it out on the daily. Here's another piece of perfection y'all specifically should want to listen to, Jay Davis: Keep a calendar nearby.

Kendall walks down the ramp, surveying the danger that awaits him in the 20 by 20. Not much, seeming by the pure chaos that is ensuing.

Kendall Wolfe

Keep a real nice, fancy.....just-- just a REAL good calendar on you. Because in a matter of weeks, you and that screwed up arm of yous will tag team against 3 of CMV's finest. Andrew Briggs, yours sincerly......and Rubik's owl.

Rubik starts mouthing off at Kendall, most likely Brazilian slang that would be censored in his home nation.

Kendall Wolfe

I know that title doesn't have a 'vacancy' sign on it, but you're walking into an inevitable outcome. And spoiler alert, it won't be the Owl that swoops down for that Light Heavyweight Title of yours. Briggs won't be going to the insane asylum with a pretty, delicate little toy around his neck-- well, maybe a noose, if we get lucky. Rubik is not getting his hands anywhere near the title either. He can't control his pet, yet alone his own career. I've still got things left to do at CMV. I've never done this flippy stuff--

Rubik's owl swoops in at Kendall, eyeing him up as its next meal,
but Wolfe pulls out a kitchen knife and tries to maim the animal in an unsuccessful murder attempt.

Kendall Wolfe

Lucky. If that was up to me, that abomination would be dinner right now. Let me put this in layman's terms: I have been interested in taking this little thing you got going on for a while, now. From a little spark.....may burst a flame. To all of you: Feel my inferno. I'm going to engulf you all.
Good talk.

All three men inside the ring look down on Kendall with a fierce scowl as Wolfe reciprocates, the situation becoming that much more intense. Wolfe blows a kiss to the owl before walking off up the ramp, putting away the knife.

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Re: Fighting Spirit!!

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:01 am

AWESOME work, guys! 702, loved this fighting spirit from Jay and you're actually handling this face turn in a great way. Al, I mean, you capture Briggs EXACTLY as I imagine him and as for Rubik, well, love the introduction of the owl and hope that it's a reoccurring shtick. Kinzil, excellent and unique work as always from Wolfe, that career burn was too spicy. GOOD STUFF!

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Re: Fighting Spirit!!

Post by Borton on Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:02 am

good stuff homies

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Re: Fighting Spirit!!

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